simply natalie laura

Plexus Active

Yay! I was so excited to receive the new Plexus Active in Starfruit flavour. It's so delicious and comes a close second to the original Plexus Active. So who needs Active? Every Mombie living Groundhog Day and wanting some pep in her step. All essential workers on the frontlines needing all the clean energy with… Continue reading Plexus Active

simply natalie laura

The Vegan Box – July

Is it easy to be a vegan? Are there vegan food options around me? What vegan snacks can I eat? An easy place to begin is by trialling foods and products that might suit your needs and tastes. If you've been playing along you'll see I'm a huge supporter and fan of The Vegan Box.… Continue reading The Vegan Box – July

simply natalie laura

Plexus Pink Drink

Let's talk about MLM. Why does Multi Level Marketing scare people? Why does it annoy people? Is it illegal? No, you're thinking of pyramid schemes. So let's be real about MLM, what's it exactly about? Multi Level Marketing gives the every day person an opportunity to make some extra money. It gives the uni student… Continue reading Plexus Pink Drink