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The Vegan Beauty Box – August

What a gorgeous pink delivery from The Vegan Box this month. A magical beauty delivery, and the best part: it’s all cruelty free.

People chose to be vegan for different reasons just as there are people who chose different vegan lifestyles. Some people chose to be all in, no animal products in their life at all including only wearing vegan clothing and using vegan certified brands.

The Vegan Box Beauty Box has been a blessing for trying out new and established skincare and make up.

The beautiful Rustic Peppermint French Clay Mask includes a soft brush for application and the mask is easily created by adding a little water; it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Julisahas included the most perfect shade of nail polish, Sapphire Star, which is almost a dusty pink plus a Gua Sha contouring stone. You have probably seen a Gua Sha stone being used on the skin before, it’s great for detoxifying and toning skin and is perfect for releasing tension.

Beautiful Souls scrub and mask is just lovely. I really enjoy scrubs over masks as I like the feeling of scrubbing my skin clean. I highly recommend this beauty goodie as it’s great to use as a mask or like me, add a little water and scrub away at your skin. It contains a mix of organic powders including pineapple and coconut milk powders.

Sugar Venom Cosmetics have also included a rich cream blush which could also double as an eyeshadow. I’ve used plenty of sugar venom products in the past and they have a vast selection of vegan make up, and I highly recommend their liquid lipsticks.

As soon as I opened this box and spied the Ella Searle botanical face oil I was pretty excited, especially as I’m studying herbalism at the moment and I’m all about botanicals. I can’t entirely describe the scent of this facial oil but it’s almost like a field of flowers, sunshine and summer. It’s a truly deep and floral scent and is easily worn on the skin, morning, night and under make up.

The Vegan Beauty Box is a perfect gift and a perfect opportunity to get started on changing up your skincare and make up range to cruelty free brands. Plus you can get started now by ordering this month’s box (you’ll get everything pictured) or set yourself up for a September box by using my code SNL10.


Natalie Laura



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