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The Vegan Box – July

Is it easy to be a vegan?

Are there vegan food options around me?

What vegan snacks can I eat?

An easy place to begin is by trialling foods and products that might suit your needs and tastes. If you’ve been playing along you’ll see I’m a huge supporter and fan of The Vegan Box.


Because each month an array of vegan food items are delivered straight to your door- mailed in a compostable bag- and thus begins your adventure into discovering new vegan foods and treats.

And there are many delicious vegan treats in the July Vegan Box, my favourite being the most delicious peanut brittle from Kelly’s Candy Co, OH MY GOSH, I ate it in one sitting and I’d do it again. It was amazing, and it was gluten free too which my belly was happy about.

Having such a sweet tooth, the Yum Earth sour jelly beans were pretty amazing, they didn’t have the taste of a traditional jelly bean but they were the same shape and I loved the sour flavours, did take me back to my younger years and the popularity of Jelly Belly.

There was a We Bar None Turkish delight Bar which comes in a compostable wrapper so there is literally NO WASTE, which is bloody fantastic but I was disappointed with the bar itself, I wouldn’t have picked it tasting like Turkish Delight, and it tasted more like date and sunflower with a soapy taste.

There was also a recipe card with a curry mix from Love My Earth included which was such a great idea, because it can be hard at times to find products that don’t have some sort of animal derived flavouring or additive.

Nudus air-dried vegetable chips were a perfect addition to my snack drawer at work and they have that same crunch and taste as having a potato snack treat but it was good to know there was a bit more nutrition to it other than salted sliced potato. These chips are literally sliced vegetables, the zucchini was perfectly thin and crisp but I loved the sliced tomatoes, they had bite and exploded with flavour.

I was really happy to see a beauty product in the vegan box which was a shampoo and conditioner bar in one, and you guys know how much I’m into using solid shampoos and conditioner. The thing I love most about this bar by Shampoo With A Purpose is the fact that it’s a 2 in 1 which really just makes life that much easier. The scent is beautiful and fresh and it works great on my hair, leaving it clean, brushable and tangle-free.

What would you most like to try out of the July Vegan Box?


Natalie Laura


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