simply natalie laura

Aroma Angel Soy Candles

I've always loved the romance of having a candle lit, watching its light dance and flicker. There's something incredibly magical about candlelight, it reminds me of dark stormy nights, fantasy books, magic and also comfort and warmth. I have cupboards littered with candles, different shapes, sizes, colours and scents. I've never owned a soy candle… Continue reading Aroma Angel Soy Candles

simply natalie laura

Miss Muddy 2016

'Who run the world? Girls It's hot up in here DJ don't be scared To run this, Run this back I'm repping for the girls Who taking over the world Have me raise a glass For the college grads'   So super excited for the upcoming Miss Muddy 2016! I've never done anything like this… Continue reading Miss Muddy 2016