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The Vegan Box – October

What I love most about The Vegan Box is the variety of items, especially when I can be hesitant about trying new items and I love the fact that the box introduces me to new items and brands that I may not have known anything about to begin with. Plus, you can’t go past the super quick delivery.

One of the questions I sometimes get asked about being vegan is, How do I become vegan? Honestly it is fairly easy. Changing just one or two meals a week to plant based foods is a good start. Subscribing to The Vegan Box is another great idea as you’re slowly trying new vegan brands and being introduced to a plant-based lifestyle.

So what is inside the October box?

Tonik Plant based protein Shake which contains 20grams of protein (coz you know you ALWAYS get asked about how you are getting your protein). And it is a perfect bottle size for a meanl-on-the-go. It’s a really creamy bottle of deliciousness and I highly recommend trying it if you get the chance (hint hint, order a vegan box).

Mmmore Raw Treats power cube in Raspberry is a perfect on the go snack and the packaging is compostable too. I’ve had one of these before and they’re so good on my early morning starts as they’re easy to eat and give me that fast boost in the early morning.

Macro Mike Choc-Chip Shortbread Cookie is going to be a firm favourite. I am loving the Macro Mike range of vegan goodies and they have a wonderful range of products and in lovely flavours too such as jam doughnut.

Naturally Driven Grandmas Garden Yerba Mate tea is a beautiful collection of herbs and fruit flavours with energy boosting Yerba Mate.

Coco Candle Co Coconut Fork and Spoon is so beautiful made and handcrafted out of recycled coconut. They are ideal for keeping in your bag or for use when you’re out and about, especially if you’re trying to be eco conscious.

The Red Balloon Candy Artisans Lip Pop is the cutest thing ever. Their entire range of sweet goodies are a perfect vegan lolly option.

The Good Soup Dahl with turmeric and lentil is great as a quick snack, warming and filling and good for your belly.

Don’t forget you can order this exact box and use my discount code SNL10.

As we come into the festive season it is a good idea to get your gifts organised nice and early, especially if you have friends and family living interstate. The Vegan Box offer one off purchases or subscription packs and offer a Beauty Box. You can also ‘gift’ the box to someone too. Shipping is super-fast and is delivered via courier in a compostable bag. Each box is jam packed with everything from new and well-known items and foods to the newest skincare and make up products.

I hope you’ll try The Vegan Box before the year is out or gift it to your plant-based friends and family members.


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