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Blogmas has been running throughout the years on social media and primarily has had its focus on YouTube. However it has migrated onto blogs and Instagram over the last few years. Last year I took the challenge here on my blog and am attempting the same thing this year.

photo of mug on top of wooden table

Blogmas is the posting of social media each day, every day for the month of December, beginning December 1st and continuing until December 25th. All posts are Christmas themed although they don’t have to be. I like to focus most of mine on the festive season with posts focusing on crafts, DIY, Christmas recipes and also small business, events and brand promotion.

You can search my blog under Blogmas to see my efforts with last year’s Blogmas. This year I had planned on an epic Blogmas but unfortunately other things in life have come up which have needed my time and effort. I will have some posts throughout December though so I hope you will enjoy.

Are you partaking in Blogmas this year? If so leave your blog title or link below so I can see your posts and also share them.

photo of decorations on the wall

Happy Blogmas and welcome to the festive season!


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