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A Caterpillar’s Dream

It's a freezing, typical winter's day in Melbourne. I decided a warm lunch was in order and googled a Vegan suitable cafe. I came up A Caterpillar's Dream in Kew.  I invited my friend Jess along and after  a good 30 minute drive in the pouring rain, we met at this cute little venue.The place… Continue reading A Caterpillar’s Dream

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Sugar Free Orange Cheesecake

Beautifully citrus with sweet tones.I love Cheesecake, finding one that's not dense and full of fat a sugar is hard!I've come up with this recipe, loved by the family, it's refreshing and low calorie.You will need: Base:10 crushed sugar free cookies4 tbsp melted butterCake:3/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice4 tsp gelatine powder1.5 blocks light Philadelphia Cream… Continue reading Sugar Free Orange Cheesecake

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Maxi Foods

I adore shopping at Maxi Foods.The variety and vastness of the supermarket makes it actually a SUPERmarket. There's everything from fruits and vegetables to lollies (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) to jams, relishes (most Australian made) pastas, fresh cakes and breads plus your standard supermarket lines- pet food, stationary and so on.The fruit and vegetable… Continue reading Maxi Foods

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Orange Cupcakes

These are super refreshing, spongey and very light. Almost like you're not consuming a traditional cupcake.You Will Need: 1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice80 g melted butter1/2 cup Natvia For Baking2 eggs1 cup self raising flour1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond BreezeFor the Icing:100g softened butter1 tsp orange rind1 cup Natvia Icing Mixture1.5 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juicePre… Continue reading Orange Cupcakes