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Plexus Active

Yay! I was so excited to receive the new Plexus Active in Starfruit flavour. It’s so delicious and comes a close second to the original Plexus Active.

So who needs Active?

Every Mombie living Groundhog Day and wanting some pep in her step. All essential workers on the frontlines needing all the clean energy with none of the side effects of coming down off a caffeine high. Anyone who wants FOCUS, mental clarity and alertness while working. Anyone prioritizing health and fitness wanting a pre-workout or to use for muscle recovery. Everyone wanting to ditch the afternoon coffees and energy drinks loaded with synthetic caffeine and sugars and trade it in for this healthy and long-lasting alternative!

WHY is Active is so great?

Bio-available forms of vitamins A, C, E, and B vitamins. S7- a plant based nutrient blend including Turmeric (think anti-inflammatory), tart cherry (more anti-inflammatories for muscle soreness and recovery) blueberries (antioxidants!!) kale (superfood!) This blend helps to naturally produce nitric oxide!

Why is nitric oxide so great?

It signals for our blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. This helps our bodies performance by delivering more oxygen, fuel and other key nutrients to active muscles!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?! Goodbye oxidative stress! Hellooooo healthy blood vessels, blood pressure, more energy and focus! YES PLEASE!!

Active is naturally sweetened with honey powder, stevia and monk fruit. Natural caffeine and ActiGin to support ENDURANCE! Green Tea and Yerba mate with only 100mg of NATURAL caffeine to boost energy!

Why do I take Active? I usually make it early afternoon to help me through the more aggressive days at work and to keep me focused and moving and all with a clear head.

You can read more on Plexus and the other amazing products here, here and here on my blog.

It’s so good having a wonderful side business and an equally wonderful team helping and supporting. Definitely give my other blog posts a read and see if Plexus can help you out!

If you’d like to shop right now, or look through some amazing products then clicky click right here!


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