Fernwood 28 Day BreakThru

Today I began the Fernwood Fitness 28 Day Breakthru! The plan runs over 28 days and includes meal and exercise plans. 

I spent yesterday at Caribbean Gardens stocking up on my fruit and vegetables and then headed over to Woolworths for the rest. I was emailed a well thought out shopping list with plenty of fruits and vegetables plus my favourites- almond milk & tofu. 
I’m following the Pear Shape Vegetarian plan. There’s a variety of meal plans to chose from depending on your body type- Ruler, Apple & Pear. It’s ideal to speak to your medical advisor if you need to change anything due to intolerances or food choices such as veganism.
Day One began with a fat free natural yoghurt with mixed seeds followed by snacks of an orange and almonds.

Head over to my Instagram- Halfway2Healthy to see my struggle with the today’s exercise- a jog/run on the treadmill for 50 minutes!

I worked out twice at the gym today, a session in the morning & then one in the evening. If I’m going to do this, then I’m going to give it my all!!
My filling lunch- egg white & salad wholemeal wrap
Preparing kidney & soy beans for dinner tonight, paired with brown rice & mixed green vegetables.
Already I’ve been connecting with other participants online & the support & motivation is overwhelming. It’s great to be able to log into my Breakthru account & read all the well wishes & messages.
I will talk more about the 28 Day BreakThru, the Fernwood Angels & my progress in upcoming entries.
DAY 3 & 4 of Fernwood’s 
28 Day Breakthru- UPDATE

So far so good- a loss of one whole kilo after day two…pretty happy!
The workouts have been great and I’ve been able to learn a few more exercises.
I wasn’t able to take a Pump Class as advised on Day 3 so I did a 50 minute treadmill workout and also used some weights.
The online support has been incredible and I’ve been able to continually connect with others, share photos & motivational quotes. I’m following the meal plans to a tee, and the foods are filling and enjoyable. 
Day 4 started with a yoghurt, seed & nut mix which, although small, really have me the energy for my gym workout!
I’ve told a couple of the Fernwood employees that I’m on the programme and they have been supportive and encouraging!
Here’s to a fantastic rest of the week.
New blog post to come soon.

Fernwood Fitness

Last month I was lucky enough to WIN a three month membership to Fernwood Fitness thanks to Natvia Natural Sweetener & Fernwood Fitness.

A gorgeous pack of Natvia goodies & a gift certificate from Fernwood arrived in the mail & so I headed to my local gym to redeem. 
I’ve never attended a Fernwood before, and have always wanted to, so I was very excited.  Fernwood has always sounded like the perfect place to workout & I hear they spoil their members. And they do, I mean, they even have candles in the change rooms; peaceful ambience, provide hair dryers & straighteners and I get offered a hot towel while exercising!
This place is almost like an indoor paradise for ladies.  Breakfast is even provided in the morning, one of the selections is Chobani- and I love Chobani!
Everything at Fernwood is neat & clean.
There’s even a crèche for the kiddies, ironing boards, deodorant, hair spray & q tips.
Fernwood offer tons of classes too, including yoga, belly dancing, body step, body balance, pump & aerobics.
The staff are just gorgeous. Very helpful & welcoming & often ask how training is going. 

There’s a generous variety of work out equipment & a complementary assessment is provided along with a personal & group training session.
I’m looking forward to my Food Coach session too, which involves meal plans & suggestions for any weight related issues.
A friend of mine luckily attends Fernwood so I have a gym-buddy, which is great!
Some of the things I’m loving most so far is that Fernwood is not jam packed with people, the music isn’t ridiculously loud & the other gym goers are considerate.
There’s an informative Fernwood magazine too, it’s got the usual advertisements but it’s not full of page after page of items for me to buy & the articles and write ups are interesting and actually worth reading.
It’s been a good excuse to stock up on some gym-wear too as I don’t own much  in the way of work out clothes. I think Fernwood should start selling their own tees and singlets too.

LiveAShore- available online 
Bought the coolest Asics runners from Sportsco too. Loving the comfort & support when I run on the treadmill… lol when I run…I mean walk very fast.
Fernwood Fitness is definitely an excellent choice of gym for Women- sorry boys- and I’d highly recommend visiting your local club & giving it a go.
I’m hoping to get the chance to participate in the new Fernwood Angels programme which is tackling fitness & weightloss from all different angles over a 28 day process. Guys- you can join in on this too- it’s all online! 
For any more information on Fernwood visit them in person or
Or search Fernwood Fitness on Facebook & Instagram

Again a huge thank you to Natvia Natural Sweetener & Fernwood Fitness for my awesome prize!


Winter Warmer

I enjoyed a visit to The Coffee Club on the weekend with my Aunt. We decided to give their new ‘Winter Warmers’ a go. 

A baked bean breakfast hotpot & a slow cooked beef hotpot. 
Not badly priced and very flavoursome.
Both were about 540 calories, so a decent meal and great in the winter weather. But on the downside, for the size of the meals they were pretty high calorie.
Slow Cooked Beef Hot Pot

Egg & Bean Hot Pot

I enjoy my weekly visits to the coffee club, mainly for coffee but sometimes for a light breakfast or salad.
I like that the Coffee Club menu contains the list of kjs attached to each item so it’s great if you are calorie counting or want a lighter, healthier option.
Visit the Coffee Club website and view their menu at http://www.coffeeclub.com.au

Cheesecake Pudding

Are you looking for a bowl full of guilt free goodness? A dessert that actually tastes good but is low in fat, calories & sugar free?

I had a play around with ingredients and came up with a dessert that’s light, sweet & if you eat the entire bowl, that includes licking the beaters, you’re actually not going to feel guilty!
You will need:
130g low fat plain cottage cheese
1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Breeze 
4 tbs Natvia Icing Mix
2 tsp Vanilla Essence

Using a food processor, or like me a hand whisk as my son is asleep, blend the ingredients until smooth and thick.

Refrigerate for 20 minutes and then serve. 

Yep, that’s it.
I sprinkled mine with some crushed cookie. Slicing fruit & using it as a dip is great too. Although just spooning it into your mouth works just as well too!
Recipe yields 4 small servings at 37.5 calories a serve.
Ooooor eat all 4 serves for 150 calories, 4g of fat & 13g protein.

(Love) Green Press

I completed my visit to Melbourne with a gorgeous kale, date, almond milk, mint & spinach smoothie from Green Press.
A cute little store with a good choice of food & drinks- all beneficial in many ways, nothing processed or artificial.
I purchased a couple of bottles of Goodness to take home, I love that they are actual glass bottles & the perfect handbag size! 
Green Press also create acai bowls, chia puddings, green juices and gluten free delights. 

The kitchen is right there in front of you & it’s easy to see everything that’s going on behind the scenes. 
Green Press is worth the trip, it’s a beneficial visit for your body & mind.
Excellent quality cold pressed juices.
Visit LoveGreenPress on Instagram for more information 

Cupcake Central

Need I say more.

This cute little store in Melbourne Central is decorated in tones of aqua and white and could almost be found on a little corner of some cute country town.  The staff are just adorable with their friendly welcome and suggestions of cake….cake…


Need I say more..?

If you need a gluten free or vegan cupcake, Cupcake Central caters for you. 

I chose the vegan Cinnamon Apple cupcake; full of real apple chunks, moist and moreish. I also wanted the  Peanut Butter Jelly, the Choc Malt Milkshake, the Coffee Crème Brulee …and well you get my drift.

There’s a schedule for the Cupcakes that are available on certain days and they are varied flavours such as those mentioned above and selections such as Pear Crumble, Carrot, Red Velvet, Lamington and Choc Mint.

Why not purchase their Cupcake Cookbook while you’re there and learn their secrets, it’s full of baking tips and tricks too.

If you fancy yourself a bit of fun and want to enrol in one of their workshops, that’s available too- there’s everything from actual baking cupcakes to decorating.   Workshops for children are also available and they even hold a Hen’s Night Cupcake class. 

Not only do they create Cupcakes but Cupcake Central helps organisations like the RSPCA raise money and help fight animal cruelty, they’ve raised over $8,500 for the RSPCA!

Cupcake Central also use my personal favourite ingredient- Natvia in their Choc Mint vegan Cupcake- gluten free, dairy free AND sugar free!

You can visit Cupcake Central at Melbourne Central or visit their website for further details and locations-

Instagram & Facebook search: Cupcake Central

Thr1ve, Melbourne

High protein, low carb, gluten free & no added sugar! 
Perfect meals. 
Perfect drinks.
I visited Thr1ve at the Melbourne Emporium and was greeted by lovely staff & walked away with a delicious breakfast. The choices at Thr1ve are plentiful and focus on nutritionally balanced meals. 
For breakfast there’s the option of Paleo Pancakes, Oats, Breakfast Bowls- eggs, salmon, spinach; or toast, granola & coffees.
Lunches include varied smoothies, shredded pork, chargrilled chicken, pulled beef or salad greens.
There’s also a fridge stocked with beverages from Emma & Tom’s plus coconut water. 
Eating at The1ve is like putting all your healthy training into practice. Whether it’s a balanced beginning to your day or recovery after a heavy gym workout you can find your good fats, non- gluten, high protein options all in one place. 
For me, I knew I was going to have a massive day of walking during my city trip and I wanted to start my day with enjoyable, good tasting foods.
I ordered a Breakfast Bowl- egg whites with one yolk, wilted spinach, salmon & smashed avocado. It was a filling start to my hectic city adventure! 
The service was wonderful, staff member Nick letting me still order breakfast even though they were in the process of changing the menu over to Lunch.
Smiles, friendly service and great food topped off my visit to Thr1ve. 
Just like a gym work out, Thr1ve’s about the quality not the quantity- quality produce and ingredients are used in Thr1ve’s menu, focusing on the nutritional side of things rather than a plate filled with foods of nutritionally empty calories.
Don’t miss out on visiting this non-typical ‘food court’ business. Go and grab some breakfast or just a yummy smoothie.
I know I’m looking forward to my next journey into Melbourne- lunch at Thr1ve!
Please visit Thr1ve at-
Shop 3-026, Emporium
287 Lonsdale Street

Search: Thr1ve on Facebook/Instagram