simply natalie laura

The Queanbeyan Market

We had a wonderful morning at our first market stall at The Queanbeyan Market. We were up, out of bed and in Queanbeyan for a seven-thirty set up.

Our stall Simply Magick was selling a range of witchy creations including candles, smoke wands, spell jars and sage spray. Bob had her amazing wood-burned witchy spoons and moon phase boxes which are incredibly beautiful. You can follow us on Instagram to keep updated with our markets and new products.

The market stalls range from local honey products, plants, hand crafted earrings and cards, handmade skincare, candles and bath products to dog toys, chocolates, spice mixes and hand sewn creations.

Both Bob and I were excited and nervous and found that it took just just over an hour to set up completely and be ready for our customers. we had brought food and snacks, a comfy chair and stools and we eagerly awaiting the market to begin.

We had such a lovely morning at the market, we met some truely lovely people in our customers and other supportive stall holders. Thank you to all that took the time to stop at our stall and to our friends that stopped by for some support.

We are looking forward to returning to The Queanbeyan Market on October 18th for their Halloween Market. We will have plenty of Samhain (Halloween) items along with creations for Beltane too.

The Queanbeyan Market is held on the third Sunday of each month and is located on Lowe Street in Queanbeyan from 9am until 1pm.


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