Weekly Recap

It’s that time of the week again and there’s not too much to catch you up on this time.

It’s been my last week off before I begin work and Wee Man’s first week in his new school, which he has loved. He started on Monday and by Tuesday morning he was asking me to ‘just drop him off’ so that’s a great sign.

I spent Monday and Tuesday getting things finally complete with my transition from Victoria to Canberra by getting my driver’s licence and car registration plates changed over. I also got a bunch of fruit and vegetable shopping done at Aldi too.



Wednesday I made the trip to Queanbeyan to visit my new place of work and meet the team I’ll be working with, I did make a few wrong turns to get there but made it finally!


Wednesday night was a busy night with both boys designing and carving our Jack O Lanterns for Halloween. The pumpkins looked gorgeous and the boys had an amazing time scraping out the insides and designing their pumpkin faces.


We had a lovely relaxing weekend watching one of the boys play softball and then we headed to the Handmade Markets.  They were amazing with so many local and interstate crafts and handmade items. It was the tenth anniversary of the markets and the massive halls were not only full to the brim with products but also with customers browsing the wares.

After the markets we headed to the Gungahlin Festival but due to the awful weather and stormy skies it was cancelled, so we did a bit of shopping and then headed home to keep warm and watch the lightning show.


Sunday was entirely different weather-wise and we enjoyed most of the day at the zoo. It was a fun day with lots of sunshine and success seeing the majority of the animals. The Zoo was pretty good and a decent size with an array of animals but well over-priced.


Back to work tomorrow, and the beginning of a new week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Natalie Laura

Foraging and the Living Green Vegan Market

So last weekend was a literal foodie-weekend. I was pumped. Excited. Maybe even a little impatient but I was counting down until I could visit foodie-truck heaven Saturday, in The Forage; and then Vegan heaven Sunday at the Living Green Vegan Market.
Both did not disappoint.
The Forage is basically a bunch of local food trucks and cafes, set up in a big circle with some entertainment and then piles of hay bales and rustic tables dotted around to eat your purchases at comfortably. The sun was out and bright and hot on the Saturday and Wee Man and I were able to find parking and walk up to the truckies.
I knew ahead of time that the Forage was catering for those with food intolerances and choices such a gluten free and vegan. So of course it suited me well. I devoured a gluten free crepe with apple, banana and cinnamon, ohhhh it was good!

Wee Man on the other hand went complete opposite and enjoyed a fried chicken waffle cone from Fricken which he loved and was happy to pose with for photos. We also had a Blue Magic pressed juice from Naked Pressed Juice Co, which was literally perfection, I want more of it.
The sun was a stinker and it was a perfect Saturday to be out and about.
The Forage was held outside at the Little National Hotel and was the perfect size for the amount of food trucks and visitors. So luckily the weather was good as any rain would most definitely put a dampener on the event. The really lovely thing about the event was the opening and closing time, an early afternoon beginning of 2pm and a nice early close, in time to get the kids to bed at 7pm. Definitely add to your 2019 list of foodie visits.


On Sunday morning we were up early and ready to be at the Living Green Vegan Market for its 10am open. I was worried about parking but luckily was still in luck from the day before and found one easily just outside of Albert Hall where the market was taking place.
There were a multitude of stalls and businesses set up. Some opposing animal cruelty, some in support of orangutans, books stalls, make up and cosmetics and then of course all the foods. Sweet food, savoury, hot, cold, home bakes, cakes, slices and dumplings.
I let Wee Man be treated to S’mores vegan dumplings for breakfast and I had the most delicious raw nori wrap from Organic Energy, which came with an almond dipping sauce.
We purchased some delicious raw slices from Rainbow Nourishments along with some bliss balls. Veganarchy was also at the event and I purchased a couple of gluten free cupcakes.
This was a lovely event, although I did find I was comparing it to World Vegan Day in Melbourne which is a huge larger event so part of me was disappointed with the size and variety but realistically I should just be happy there are vegan events like this to attend.

Again I would be sure to add this to your 2019 foodie list.

Weekly Recap

Well it’s been a busy last week of the three-week school holiday Wee Man was lucky enough to enjoy and we made the most of the last few days.

I had to get my car fixed on Monday to pass it’s roadworthy here in Canberra which ended up taking a day longer than planned so we did lots of walking being car-less and just pottered around at the shops and at home.


On Wednesday we visited Questacon which was fantastic fun and we loved all the interactive displays and demonstrations.  Wee Man was particularly impressed with the earthquake simulator.

Later that afternoon we had a big bake fest where we cooked up some homemade pinwheels and sausage rolls, stocking the freezer ready for school lunches and snacks.


Thursday was a bit of fun with a drive to Westfield Belconnen to take a Sushi Master Class for the school holidays thanks to Sushi Sushi.  Wee Man loves sushi and will always chose it as lunch if we are out at the shops. It was a fun hands on activity for kids and William was happy with his own-made inari and cucumber handroll.


Wee Man also had hishair cut at the trendiest of barber’s shops: Big Barber                         A fresh new look for his new school, he looks like a different kid now.


We met up with Bob for lunch at Grill’d which was yum, although their vegan burger still tastes just like a processed patty, I see no improvement from their previous, which is super disappointing.


Wee Man and I then headed off to the movie to see the new Goosebumps Movie which was excellent, we both enjoyed it and it provided some good laughs.


On our last Friday of the holidays we headed to the National Museum of Australia for some history and also to see the new exhibit – Rome. I highly recommend seeing the Rome exhibit as it is very beautiful and so amazing how we can see these items and not have to just see imagery on television or in books.


Saturday was a bit of fun, we thought we would check out the Finnish Crazy Games at the Finnish Embassy, a little disappointing as there didn’t seem to be much happening BUT we did get to see Wife Carrying racing which was just hilarious and so entertaining.


Sunday was a chilled day, with breakfast at Frankies and then we did some shopping for some extra shelving for the boys’ rooms and I did a little bit more back to school baking.

Have a Happy new week!

Thanks for reading.


Natalie Laura


Some questions for you:

What’s your favourite place for a weekend breakfast or brunch?

Are you beginning to get ready for Christmas?

3M Home Styling



I’ve been lucky enough to partner with 3M and showcase some of their wonderful new products.



Living in a rental property makes it hard to add permanent fixtures on walls, especially when we have an abundance of prints and photos and accessories to display and feature.

The Damage- Free Canvas Hanger was perfect for completing our lounge room. We were finally able to hang our much loved print up which was easy to use, removes quickly and cleanly and can holdup to 1.3kg.

We have also made use of the Damage- Free Spray Bottle Hangers, which have helped clear some space off our laundry room shelves. The handy housing hooks stick easily and firmly and hold our cleaning bottles up and out of the way, but are easily accessible for when we need to use them.

Our other favourite that we received is the Damage-Free Jewellery and Scarf Hanger. It is perfectly cute and classy and suits our bedroom décor perfectly.  We have put it in our ensuite for easy and quick access for removing necklaces before showering and to keep them handy right near our mirror when getting ready each day.

I have a few more products to showcase but I’m loving all my options so far.

It’s been wonderful being able to finally hang artwork and photos and also be able to have some practical and space-saving hooks in the laundry and bathroom.

Check out the huge range of products available and were to purchase for your home, office or work space here.


Some questions for you:

Do you live in a rental property, and have you made use of 3M Command strips?

What do you have hanging in your home? Prints? Photos? Artwork?



Weekly Recap

I thought I would aim to write  weekly recap to keep you guys updates on my activities,  foodie favourites and life in general. As you know I moved to Canberra from Melbourne late last month and so I’ve been busy exploring my new city with my son Wee Man.

This week we joined the Library and borrowed a tonne of books for the school holidays.


On Monday it was a public holiday so we headed to Bunnings to purchase some herbs to go in little pots in our back garden. Wee Man chose Basil and Thyme and we also got a couple of flowers also.

Tuesday was pretty awesome for Wee Man as he got to make Slime at Canberra Outlet Centre which he absolutely loved, and was great for me too as it was free!

We also did a lot of cooking on Tuesday and roasted a huge batch of vegetables so we had then in abundance throughout the week, plus some cheese and bacon frittatas.

We got busy baking and cooking, not only to pass the time but to be stocked with food for when I return to work, and also to play with some recipes.

If you have read my previous post, if not check it out here you’ll know we made a trip to the National Arboretum and Wee Man took a Bonsai Workshop. Can not recommend this enough, was so great as it was hands on, great for some history and also teaches the kids respect and patience.

My new go to coffee (well hot chocolate place) is Coffee Guru and I’m adoring their amazing customer service and delicious hot chocolates!

I also lit my new Kmart candle which I highly recommend checking out and purchasing, it’s $6, looks amazing and smells fantastic!


Saturday we visited The Forage which was a food lovers paradise. It was a warm, almost hot day and the sun was out in force. The Forage is a gathering of food trucks and there’s everything from salad to dumplings to wine to ice cream.

The good thing was the variety of food on offer for many foodie limits.  I was able to find a yummy gluten free vegan crepe for lunch.

Wee Man enjoyed a fried chicken waffle cone from Fricken

Sunday, today I was most excited for as it was the Living Green Vegan Markets.

The markets were good but very small. I don’t know if it’s just me being used to things on a larger scale in Melbourne but it did feel like the Vegan Day Out  from a few years back that was in one small cramped hall.

I let Wee Man have a morning treat of S’mores Dumplings.


I was able to get what I wanted which was from Rainbow Nourishments and Veganarchy which of course was cake. I also bought a Pumpkin and Onion Tart slice and Spinach and Ricotta Empanada from Lily’s Vegan Kitchen.

I had a lovely raw vegetable nori wrap, green juice and raw fudge slice from Organic Energy. It was seriously the best lunch I have had in a long time. I’m looking forward to visiting their grocery store and café sometime soon.


Apologies for the terrible writing and wording, attempting this on three hours sleep so thanks for reading.


Natalie Laura

Bonsai at the Arboretum

What a blustery and dull Wednesday today has been. The coldness from the night seems to have lingered around, inviting some fleeting showers.


Despite the weather and having locked my car keys in the garage and needing to be rescued, Wee Man and I left for the National Arboretum.

A school holiday workshop was offered for kids which included a two hour Bonsai session, complete with a take home Bonsai, made by the kids themselves.


Heather, our guide and Bonsai expert spoke to the group of youngsters about the history of Bonsai, the types and reason behind the different styles of trees and plants.

The children were then given their own trees and shown how to trim their saplings, repot them and then how to add wire to the branches of their Juniper trees. Once everything had been decorated with coloured stones, grit and rocks the kids were instructed in the care of their new Bonsais. Their next step will be to remove the wire from the branches in a year’s time and then re-construct branches.

Wee Man was quite enthralled and extra excited when it came to beginning to create his own Bonsai. Everything was included : tree, pot, soil, tools, gravel and rocks.

The Arboretum is a huge 250 hectare section of land filled with over 94 forests of rare and endangered trees. It is quite an overwhelming site and beautiful panoramic views once you arrive into the Village Centre.

After wandering through the Bonsai and Penjing collection there are huge grounds to meander through, along with plenty of photo opportunities or even a hot chocolate or sweet treat at the café of restaurant located inside the Village Centre. It is a perfect area for kite flying too. There is the ever so popular Pod Playground which is perfect for kids and I promise you, you’ll need to pull out all the stops to get your child to leave.

Click here to see what events are on for you and/or your child.

Bake It Box

Bake It


Bake It

Bake It like a Polaroid pictuurreeeeee

Okay so that totally didn’t work, but what does work is the super cute baking kits by Bake It Box.

Wee Man and I were lucky enough to meet the lovely Emily from Bake It Box at the Melbourne Cake, Bake & Sweets Show.

You can also read about last year’s visit here.

Bake It Box is a relatively new brand that have taken the standard cake in a box idea but then added boutique magic to the contents.

Each kit contains instructions, with easy to follow photos. We had the Halloween Cupcake Kit which included fondant, icing mix, flour mixes, cookie cutter, food dye, chocolate chips and patty pans.

Each month Bake It Box releases a new kit that contains pretty much everything you need to get creative. We only added a couple of extras such as eggs and lime juice for our cakes. 

Bake It Boxes are perfect for your little baker or for the more experienced.

Since we’re coming into the festive season I would recommend ordering yourself a Bake It Box as it’s the perfect gift for a bit of family fun. Skip sitting in front of the TV and get the family in the kitchen to make and bake their creations and then enjoy eating them.

Wee Man adored making his Halloween Cupcakes and loved making his bat, pumpkin and skeleton faces out of fondant. 

Visit Bake It Box to see what suits you, a one off box, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months worth of boxes. All orders are free of delivery costs and are delivered to your door.

If you’d like to order the November Bake It Box, click here to go straight to the order form.

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