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Healthier Option Lollies

These took no time to make but I'm still not 100% sold on the results. Wee Man in the other hand could not get enough of them.You will need 6 oranges, juiced, 2 large carrots, juiced. About 400ml in total.Heat a quarter of the juices in a saucepan with 2 tablespoons of rice malt syrup &… Continue reading Healthier Option Lollies

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Homemade Lollies

So this was a bit of an experiment & although they didn't quite turn out as well as I hoped, I know better for the next attempt.I made them carrot shaped to keep with the healthy theme & they do contain pumpkin. We had fun with the recipe though & hopefully I will have a fool-proof step-by-step… Continue reading Homemade Lollies

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Quest? Over the rest?

'And the last thing you want to do is throw that hard work away by eating other nutrition bars or meal replacement bars that are little more than thinly disguised candy.' From the Quest website. Yes this is a pretty true statement.A lot of protein bars are filled with lots of processed sugars & high carb contents.Quest… Continue reading Quest? Over the rest?

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Everyone seems to be making them & drinking them.  If you're using the right ingredients they can be used as a meal & can be highly nutritious. Try non dairy smoothies too, you don't always have to use milk. Almond or coconut milks add a creamy, nutty taste. Or coconut water is ideal for an even… Continue reading Smoothies