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Plexus Pink Drink

Let’s talk about MLM.

Why does Multi Level Marketing scare people? Why does it annoy people?

Is it illegal? No, you’re thinking of pyramid schemes.

So let’s be real about MLM, what’s it exactly about?

Multi Level Marketing gives the every day person an opportunity to make some extra money. It gives the uni student some extra cash, employment that works within their classes and studying timetables. It gives a stay at home Mum a convenient and flexible job, one that works around her kids’ school drop offs and pick ups. It also gives those with full time employment the opportunity to make a little bit of extra money for bills or to add to the savings account.

Why do I work for a MLM company? Because I believe in the product, I’ve seen change with the product and I would and do, what I use to others.

People are quick to jump in, get on board and then they see the price and then reconsider. Let me put it to you this way, how many items do you have at home that you use in the hopes they will benefit you? Vitamins? Supplements? And let me ask you this, do you buy a coffee a day? Lunch each day? Even if you bought a coffee a day at say $5 that would be $35 a week and lunch on top of that, easily a total of $15 a day, totalling $105 a week on food and drink.

Over a month you would spend $150 a month on coffee alone and don’t get me wrong, I love coffee too and here are a list of the benefits of a daily cup of coffee:

Can improve energy levels as it is a stimulant

Can help burn fat as it can boost your metabolic rate

May lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes

May lower your risk of Dementia, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease

May help you liver longer

May help fight against depression and may lower stroke risk

It tastes fantastic


A month’s worth of Plexus Pink Drink is $124.95 and here are some of the daily benefits of a glass full:

Diabetic friendly

Balances blood sugar levels

Better sleep and ability to focus

Loss of sugar cravings

Weight loss

Supports chronic pain issues

Hormone balancing

Constipation relief

Better sleep patterns

Gut health improvements

The list goes on and the testimonials are incredible, everything being supported from chronic fatigue syndrome to fybromyalgea.

If you are looking for something that’s supported many people, healed my own gut issues and ive finally lost my bloating and gut pains, then jump on board with a month of Plexus Slim (the amaze Pink Drink) otherwise dive straight in like I did and grab the Plexus TriPlex, which I take daily and highly recommend.

I’ll give you a basic rundown of the TriPlex, you guys can always send me or comment any questions you have if you want any futher info, I don’t want this post to be too bombard you with too much, it can get overwhelming.

In the morning I take my Pink Drink plus two Bio Cleanse capsules and then in the evening I take a ProBio5 capsule. That is all, that is my routine. Detox can happen! Headaches, fatigue, nausea, this is a sign of detox and Candida (yeast) die off- this is a good thing, but sometimes does not feel the greatest.


The Bio Cleanse relives gas and bloating and removes the harmful microbes and supports your body’s natural detoxification process.  ProBio5 supports healthy digestion and responds to imbalances in the gut and delivers two billion microorganisms into the gut. In conjunction with these the Pink Drink is packed with prebiotics which supports gut health helps maintain overall health and the TriPlex system itself aids in balancing the body, therefore weight loss or gain is achieved, bloating and constipation troubles are relived and there is much better energy levels within the body. You will become a different person in a much healthier and happier body.

Visit my link here to give the Pink Drink a go or to get yourself started on the TriPlex. You can set up a monthly subscription so you can try the items for a couple of months to really try the system a proper go or do one off order depending on what you want to spend. But let’s be honest, who is going to put a price on health?

Questions? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you super quick. Want a trial? Click here to grab a seven day trial pack.



Natalie Laura



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