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Dashboard Cookies

It's going to get to around 40 degrees celsius today but we still wanted to bake.I tossed around no-bake ideas but we then decided to experiment with using the hot car as an oven. Guess what?! It worked!You will need:3/4 cup mixed grain cereal or muesli1/2 cup wholemeal flour1 egg1 tablespoon honey100g chocolate chips2 tablespoons milk… Continue reading Dashboard Cookies

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Eggnog Pancakes

So easy to make & only three ingredients.These are rough measurements so have a play with quantities. In a bowl I mixed, half a cup of eggnog, half a cup if self raising flour & one egg. Once a smooth texture I fried piklet-sized cakes on a non-stick pan for about a minute on each side. I topped the… Continue reading Eggnog Pancakes

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Chocolate Mint Truffles

These were a bit of an experiment but they resulted in a tasty, minty truffle that's soft & fudge-like on the inside! Completely UN healthy but 'tis the season to be jolly & full. Rather than eating them yourself, make them as a gift! These are so easy to make & literally include a handful… Continue reading Chocolate Mint Truffles

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Vegan Eggnog

I came up with this recipe as I was stunned that I could not find a vegan or dairy free eggnog anywhere in stores.Even the health food stores have me blank stares.This has a similar consistancy to eggnog without the egg part!You will need: 1 avocado1 cup coconut milk2 cups unsweetened almond milkPinch ground cloves1 teaspoon… Continue reading Vegan Eggnog