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Kitchen Garden

It was a stinking hot Australia Day last week but I thought I would head into Bunnings and have a look at their garden bed set up options. I ended up walking away with a whole bunch of stuff to set up my little vegetable garden. One of the guys that I work with cultivates… Continue reading Kitchen Garden

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Celery Juice

I've decided to start having celery juice each morning, along with, of course my pink drink. First think in the morning, as I'm getting ready for the day I've been sipping on the juice whilst I'm getting organised for work. The reason I started the daily juice was due to reading about the health benefits… Continue reading Celery Juice


A Visit to Rome

During the school holidays with Wee Man we visited the National Museum of Canberra. I had been before and although it is an interesting museum it’s definitely not at the standard that we are used to with the Melbourne Museum. The national museum in Canberra is great for adults but is not very kid-friendly apart… Continue reading A Visit to Rome

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Chocolate Vegan Mousse

Who doesn't love a creamy chocolate mousse? I love t when it's rick, decadent and of course healthier than a traditional mousse, plus this recipe is gluten free and vegan. Try this at your Christmas table this festive season. 3 tbsp coconut oil 1 large & ripe avocado 4 tbsp cacao powder 5 pitted and soaked… Continue reading Chocolate Vegan Mousse