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  The Sunbites range of preservative, colour and artificial flavour free chips and crackers are fantastic and available at your local supermarket. I shared a range of Sunbites goodies with my team at work and not only did the guys love the range, but they actually grabbed handfuls out of opened packets, began to eat… Continue reading Sunbites

Simply Natalie Laura

Kiehl’s Calendula Range

If you've read my blog for a while you'd know I was a big fan of Kiehl's and their products. The oen thing about them that will always be my favourite is the listing of the ingredients of their products on the outside of the packaging, right there, easy to see and read, and basically… Continue reading Kiehl’s Calendula Range



Over the last few months, I have been making regular trips to POP CBR which is located at Ovolo Nishi in New Acton, Canberra. Basically the explanation is in the name, a Pop Up Shop featuring Canberran made wares.   Featured above left to right Happy B Honey,  Thimble & Bobbin,  Base Soaps   There… Continue reading POP CBR