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One Stop Vegan Supermarket

You may have read a previous post about the Red Hill SupaExpress, but today's visit was a vegan's dream. Their newly stocked shelves full of vegan foods is just epic. There's a freezer full of vegan-ready meals including some from The Green Lion and vegan meats and desserts. The fridge section is stocked well with… Continue reading One Stop Vegan Supermarket

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Red Hill Supa Express

If you're one to watch my Instagram stories you will have seen my delight in opening my gift boxes of goodies from Red Hill SupaExpress. Red Hill is locatedĀ  in Canberra, sorry Melbournians not our Red Hill, and is a one stop shop for all your healthy eating needs. There is an array of vegan,… Continue reading Red Hill Supa Express

simply natalie laura

Weekly Recap

I had an amazing start to the week because I started back at work! Yay! After 6 weeks off and getting myself and Wee Man settled in I started back at my new job, well new site, same employer. It was good to be back in the swing of things and to be back working,… Continue reading Weekly Recap