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One Stop Vegan Supermarket

You may have read a previous post about the Red Hill SupaExpress, but today’s visit was a vegan’s dream.

Their newly stocked shelves full of vegan foods is just epic. There’s a freezer full of vegan-ready meals including some from The Green Lion and vegan meats and desserts.

The fridge section is stocked well with vegan cheeses, dips, meats, yoghurts and drinks. I am overjoyed to finally have my hands on Bio Cheese’s Parmesan.

There’s plenty of variety, multiple brands, some well known and some from smaller vegan brands and stockists.

The pantry aisles are spread far and wide, shelves full of vegan chocolates, lollies, bars, snacks, sauces, cereals, cake mixes, pastas, long life milks, biscuits, crackers, spreads, soups, pre-made meals, meal replacement shakes and I could go on and on.

I love that this little supermarket is big on stocking a huge range of vegan brands, and putting them centre stage for their shoppers.

There is plenty for us gluten free vegans too.

I bought a bagful of delicious vegan treats and I’m most excited for the Alpro custard and the Notzarella cheese. There’s so much more I’d love to have purchased but I want to pace myself and by new items bit by bit to try and share with you.

Where’s your local vegan supermarket?


Natalie Laura


2 thoughts on “One Stop Vegan Supermarket”

  1. Thanks, someone told me a couple of weeks ago about the Red Hill store…shall have to get over there as the food looks fabulous. I tried the vegan parmesan the other day; its great.


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