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Christmas in Canberra

A beautiful new shop has opened here in Canberra and it’s a Christmas shop.

That’s right, a Christmas shop.

And if you know me, you know very well, all too well that Christmas is my thing.

I decorate my house both inside and out each year and this new store Under The Mistletoe has just made my obsession reach its peak.

There’s everything available for the new decorator to the novice including beautiful statues, gorgeous baubles, synthetic snow, wreaths and of course trees.

The little shop is warm and welcoming, with the front window decorated as though you were looking in to a festive lounge room. Complete with fireplace, decorations and festive cheer, the only thing missing is Buddy the Elf sitting by the fire making paper snowflakes.

Christmas carols are playing and each corner, including ceiling is filled with themed decorations ranging from beautifully decorated tree ornaments, musical Christmas settings, light up trains and Christmas scenes that would happily enjoy their time at hone with me.

There’s beautiful greenery and plenty of designs to chose from across the vast range of decorations and garlands.

If you live in Canberra and are ready to start preparing for the festive season then be sure to visit Under The Mistletoe otherwise if you’re visiting be sure to add this destination to your list.


Natalie Laura


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