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The Vegan Box – July

It’s Vegan Box time! And what an awesome July delivery. Again it’s bursting with goodies and so many new items to try.

The Vegan Box is a perfect way to introduce yourself to veganism and it’s ideal to find your vegan version of your favourite snack foods, both sweet and savoury.

Starting out as a vegan can be pretty overwhelming and this monthly vegan subscription box is a super easy and affordable way of stocking your pantry or beauty cabinet (there’s a vegan beauty box too!) with cruelty free items.

The Vegan Box for July contained a great variety of vegan brands including Pimp My Salad coconut bacon which is a staple in my pantry. Perfect as a salad topping or to eat just as is, as a snack.

The Broth Sisters stock concentrate has been great as the last few days I’ve been making stir fries and this little pack of flavour was really delicious and gave the dinner a lot of flavour.

We Bar None mint chocolate bar was enjoyable, as I have tried their bars in the past and wasn’t a fan at all but choc mint has always been a huge favourite of mine and I really loved it. Plus the bar wrapper is biodegradable! Yes! Biodegradable!

The Happy Snack Company chocolate chickpeas are the best! I loved these so much. I wish the pack had been bigger because these are so yum. Crunchy, chocolatey and just moorish!

The Bamba chocolate covered Inca berries are definitely something I want to continue to buy, I’ve always had Inca berries in the pantry because they are a handy snack and have that sweet-sour dried fruit taste. The covering of chocolate takes them to the next level.

Conscious Chocolate sour cherry was perfect to match with the chocolate covered Inca berries, that chocolate-sour taste is something I really like because it has such richness.

The Onion and Chive Lupin chips I was most excited about trying in this month’s box, mainly because I don’t really eat potato chips, but I love lupins and to see a lupin chip! was pretty exciting. I’ve eaten lupins (they’re a legume) many times before and my mouth literally waters when I eat them, they’re so tasty and I highly recommend giving them a go. So these Pinarie lupin chips are truely amazing and I’m going to become addicted, and I’m not phased by that, at all.

Kitz is a favourite brand of mine and again they’ve not let me down with turmeric and ginger snack bar. I’ve found that all Kitz bars are so filling and satisfying plus they’re packed with simple, natural, whole ingredients.

So if you’re thinking of trying out some vegan snacks or want to change your diet a little bit and try a range of cruelty free, plant based products then head to The Vegan Box to order this exact box, buy a gift, begin a subscription or just order a one-off box to try.

Happy vegan snacking!


Natalie Laura


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