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Retreat Yourself – Winter

What a wonderful Winter delivery to receive from Kate and the team of the Retreat Yourself Box.


I have written about the ReTreat Yourself Box in the past and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some photos of the past goodies that have been delivered.

The seasonal boxes are themed perfectly, and the Winter box was a cuddly box filled with warming wintery goods.

A box of Teff Tribe gluten free porridge was one of the first products to catch my eye, especially as I do enjoy a warming breakfast on wintery mornings and this is just delicious topped with sliced banana and a drizzle of maple syrup.

The Mary Grace hand cream is so amazingly scented, and I absolutely love it, I have had one in the past too and so gifted this one to my work colleague who loves using it.

Henry Blooms raw probiotic drink with manuka honey is ideal for the wintery season, perfect for a little health self-care and is immune boosting.

Bennetto chocolate I was so happy to receive as I had been gifted some late last year and thought it was so creamy and rich and so I was really happy to have the hazelnut one in the Retreat Yourself Box as I adore hazelnuts. I highly recommend trying their range of chocolates especially if you are vegan and looking for a chocolate replacement.

The Botanical Trader aromatherapy mist is right up my alley, especially as I have been using aromatherapy and essential oils a lot lately in my candle making. I’ve really enjoyed the scent of the spray which is a light airy ‘breathe easy’ blend of oils.

Eco Modern Essentials essential oil in Sleep has been a blessing, it’s been something I have used every night since receiving it and the citrusy scent is calming, relaxing, beautiful and not over-powering. I’ve bought a lot of oils from EME the last month or so and I’ve found their products affordable and of high quality.

The Broth Sisters broth bags I’ve used in the past and was really pleased to find them in this delivery, they’re really handy, especially to keep in your bag and you just need to add them to a mug of hot water and sip away! Perfect for the wintery weather!

Red Seal whitening toothpaste was another good find in the delivery, it contains charcoal spheres to help your teeth look bright, white and sparkly!

One of my absolutely favourites in the Winter Box is the Koja Health bar, these are thankfully available at Coles so I can easily get my hands on more, and trust me, once you try these you will want more! More I say! They are so absolutely delicious and so filling, not dry nor crumbly. 

Aelin organic hand sanitiser is a great addition too, natural and organic and with all the sanitising and cleaning happening during this bizarre time in our lives, it’s great to have something nature to use.

If you’ve been like me and aiming to keep up the exercise but not really following through with that the Cloud  + Coco stretch band has given me that little bit of a kick o get back into at least making a small attempt to get a bit more active at home and keep up some form of exercise. 

Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites in Lemon Coconut is a super cute little bar although isn’t vegan so not something I can comment on or review for you.

The Retreat Yourself Box is the perfect gift for someone, especially those still having to isolate, it’s a large box filled with lots of full sized goodies, and the products are always lovely and a lot of them tend to be vegan or benefit health and wellness in some sort of way.

There are subscriptions available for different lengths such as a three-monthly subscription or a yearonly one, at a cost of $69.95 with $200 worth of products inside. Plus, you can cancel any time and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.


Natalie Laura


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