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Blogmas – Naked Foods

Eat Clean. Waste Less.

One of the important lessons from the team at Naked Foods- organic and health foods.

We hear so often about saving our environment, using less packaging, plastic, be mindful or the effect our daily choices have on our world.

There are simple ways of making small changes to your daily life that doesn’t mean sacrificing the foods you want because of all the plastic or packaging.

Naked Foods are a bulk food store, where you can take your own jars or container sand fill up by the gram or utilise their simple paper bags in-store. Bringing your own packaging incurs a 5% discount too, which is a great incentive.

There are plenty of goods to chose from, flours and seeds, nuts, protein bites, dried fruits, nut mixes, spreads, superfoods, oils, dressings, teas, chocolate, carob and soaps.

The team have been around since 2012 and began at a Farmer’s Market in Sydney. And their locations have since increased, with numerous stores around the country.

Naked Foods are located in Canberra, New South Wales, Queensland and Melbourne.

Are you making a change in the new year to lower your environmental impact? Something simple as bringing your own shopping bags for the grocery shop is easy, along with investing in a reusable water bottle rather than a disposable one.


Natalie Laura


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