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Blogmas – Batiste Hair Care

I’ve never really been a user of dry shampoo, and to be honest I didn’t really know how it worked. But a few months back I tried my hand at using the Batiste Dry Tropical Shampoo and the scent was just delicious, super fruity and breezy.

I was then lucky enough to receive two bottles of their newest dry Shampoos in Tempt – which is a limited edition and Wildflower.



The Batiste range is perfect for when you’re on the go, can’t be bothered washing your hair or just need more of a re-fresh. The shampoo is super easy to use too, hold the can 30 centimetres away from your hair, spray into your foots, massage in thoroughly and then brush through to remove any residue.




I’m definitely keeping the Batiste range as a staple in my routine now, mainly because i didn’t realise how easy it was to use and how handy it is to have a can around, especially with my early morning starts at work and sometimes I can’t be bothered with my bed-hair and this can of hair-care really has done the trick!

Do you use dry shampoo? What’s your favourite scent?




Natalie Laura


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