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Wholefood Merchants + Market Fair

Back in November 2015 I wrote a post about the opening of Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne. It’s a store I very much miss visiting and getting my stock of gluten free and vegan foods, now that I live in Canberra. I could always count on WM having what I needed and having a huge variety of stock. The closest store I have here is The Cruelty Free Store but unfortunately once you’ve visited and shopped at Wholefood Merchants, nothing else compares. There really needs to be a shop online feature developed so I can get all my favourite foods and ingredients delivered.

I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago for a quick visit with the family and I was eager to visit Wholefood Merchants and bring back whatever I was able to on the plane back home.

It was great to visit the store again, although their loyalty programme no longer exists as they’ve ceased their union with Go Vita, but luckily I was able to use up all my points on my shop.

I purchased a bunch of my favourite things and then some, and had a whole backpack as carry on to go home with, so I was super happy.

I also visited one of my other favourite Melbourne stores which just happens to be right next door to Wholefood Merchants called Market Fair.

It is a beautiful huge-filled warehouse stocked full of small businesses and their wares, a lot of the little stalls are antique, vintage-style items such as old jars, bowls, bottles, books and toys to more craft and handmade items such as candles, jewellery and clothing. There is also an abundance of collectors items too. I can spend ages in Market Fair, looking through years’ old books and clothing, records, framed pictures and kitchen gadgets.


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