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The Vegan Box – April

As always there’s some lovely products in this month’s The Vegan Box. One of the past boxes also contained a Super Cubes bar and I’m really happy to receive another one. These bars of goodness are really yum and are all natural, moist and filling and perfect as an on the go snack. In time for Easter and in time for some home isolation indulging there was a Gingerbread Folk GLUTEN FREE bunny. I used to love gingerbread and have missed eating it, and I’m not very good at making it gluten free myself. This cute little bunny was soft to eat, so gingery and I loved it. It was perfect as my Easter Sunday treat.

Also featured this month was a broth packet from The Broth Sisters which I thought was such a fantastic idea. Easily enjoyed in a mug as a light warming soup or added as a seasoning. This is going to be so perfect for the upcoming winter season and I’m eager to give it a try.

The dark chocolate with raspberry from Raw Halo, well now, this was amazing. It was rich and creamy and just beautiful. I will definitely getting my hands on more, especially since this didn’t last very long in the house, hence the group shot.

Yes You Can have a really good range of vegan products and I’m was really pleased to have their falafel and burger mix. This is honestly so so good to add to homemade burgers, it’s perfect for adding some extra taste and also for creating a filling gluten free burger. QSilica has been a staple in my diet since a first received it in a Vegan Beauty Box last year and I’ve found it to be an invaluable product especially as I’m getting older and collagen loss begins to become more noticeable. Whilst there’s so much negative happening in the world and so much down time for those isolating or working limited hours I would recommend supporting a small business, trying some new foods and snacks and focusing on your overall health. The Vegan Box is the perfect place to start and a lovely ethical business to support. With boxes costing only $26.95 and an easy cancel anytime clause it’s perfect to send to someone as a gift or begin a subscription for $25.00 a month for them or yourself.

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