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Oh Deer Sugar

Oh Deer Sugar has such a great range of skincare and bath-time goodies. I was given a pot of their sugar scrub as part of a showbag at World Vegan Day a few years ago and to be honest they were a vegan brand that I had forgotten about over the years. Luckily I rediscovered them and they are amazing!


When I saw their Bathtime with Billy massive bath bomb that was pretty much the Saw movie doll’s head I knew I needed to peruse their products again, and put Billy safely in my shopping cart.


Oh Deer Sugar turned six late last year and had a celebration early this year with a release of some limited edition items and some of the favourites. I was able to get a few items I was wanting to try along with a Mystery Box, which if you’re new to ordering from Oh Deer Sugar I would opt for that option as it gives you a range of their bath products and also allows you the chance to try some different products.

One of the Mystery Box goodies was a sour apple warhead, giant tub of bath crumble which is just like a deconstructed bath bomb. Another item was a Love Is Love shower scrub which is a soda pop sweet scented pot of rainbow.


I was crazy impressed with the shower jams which smells better than you can imagine, yes, BETTER than you can imagine. The Midori shower jam took me back to the days of enjoying a Midori whilst watching Temptation Island back in the day (showing my age I know) and the scent is literally like I’m having a Midori shotwhilst in the shower, I am drunk, drunk on this scented goodness. But then we try the Lamington shower jam, wellm how to I describe this bottle of aussie-ness? It’s pretty much Australia Day and all your sprinkler-running, trampoline without a net, throwback to the good old days deliciousness. It’s basically a bottled Lamington spread, but for the shower.

There are also some cute soy wax melts available and ODS have some really lovely and fun scents such as fairy floss, lime, doughnut scents and banana milkshake. There are plenty to chose from and you’ll find something that you will love!

Along with the many bath bombs and shower jams, you’ll also find cleansers and scrubs so they’re a really good, ethical and vegan store to shop from, with their online orders tracked via Arrive and only taking a couple of days to get to your door.




Let me know if you try any Oh Deer Sugar products!



Natalie Laura


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