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The Retreat Yourself Box

I thought I would share sone if the beautiful items in the Retreat Yourself box which arrived full of some lovely items. You can read my previous post on the mystery box here too.


There were some lovely items and some repeat items from the last delivery but I was pleased to receive a vegan collagen powder from Global Nature and also a mud mask from Skin Food NZ.


Cinnamon and Clove natural shampoo bar is lovely to use and perfect on my hair, and I was excited to receive the bio degradable cotton buds from Bare by Bauer as I’ve not bought anything really sustainable in a long time. And I would really like to buy and use items that are beneficial to not only myself but to the environment also. The Lariese foaming cleanser I’m really happy with as I’m loving their previous cream cleanser from the prior mystery box.

Some of the other items that have been delivered have been perfect and invaluable during this current time we’re living in. Especially this bottle of biodegradable, plant based Koala Eco multi purpose kitchen cleaner. And they currently have free shipping in Australia for orders over $75. This particular cleaner is scented with Australian Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin essential oils and smells beautiful.

The bars of Gutsii prebiotic chocolate was perfect as it’s vegan and no added sugar. They have a great sale online at the moment with up to 70% off their vegan Easter goodies. These little chocolate bars are ideal for a sweet, guilt free smooth chocolate treat but also an excellent source of dietary fibre for a heath gut!

Head over to the Retreat Yourself website and order the next box of health and happiness.


Natalie Laura


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