The Vegan Box

I love beautiful gift boxes, filled with glorious goodies and delights and subscription boxes are no different. There’s many around filled with everything from candles and bath salts to gourmet foods and beauty products.

One of the original subscription boxes is the Vegan Box.

I love the idea of a monthly box that’s full of vegan goodies, especially when there’s not always the option to try items if they’re not available at a local supermarket. Plus it’s perfect for being introduced to items that you may not be aware of being available.

The latest Vegan Box has some great items I’d not tried before which were The Smoothie Bombs, Serious Popcorn, Hemp Heart Bites and Deliciou Bacon Seasoning, plus it included a packet of Ceres Organic Seaweed which is a favourite staple of mine.

The Vegan Box makes a great gift subscription, especially with the rise in vegan lifestyles and also for those already living a cruelty free life as it’s allows for trialling products before purchasing them.

I’m loving the Smoothie Bombs As they’re such a great idea to add to drinks for that extra boost. And how cute is the packet of popcorn, he’s a super serious bear! I’m looking forward to trying the Hemp Heart Bites and they look very indulgent and handy as a mid morning snack for work. We also love the Ceres Organics brand in our household and buy their rice bites most weeks. The bacon seasoning has been perfect on roasted vegetables and has given them that little kick.

Head on over to The Vegan Box here and order next month’s subscription box.


Natalie Laura


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