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Mermaid Hair

One of my favourite brands is Mermaid Perfume. If you haven’t heard of the brand before then I definitely encourage you to take a look at their products, especially their shampoo and conditioner. It’s by far my favourite hair care product and I absolutely adore the scent, if you like coconut and that sea breezy scent then definitely hit them up for some hair care.


There’s a range of scents in their perfume range

Their shampoo and conditioner is made with botanical ingredients, essential oils and is sulfate free. I love the fact that the shampoo and conditioner not only makes my hair smell incredible it feels so light and manageable and feel silky smooth. It accentuates my waves and leaves my hair not just looking healthy but feeling healthy too.


Their new arrivals include a body lotion (OMG) and body wash, plus a roll on perfume and a hair shine spray.

There are three collections of Mermaid and each has their own products and own scent. Each collection has a candle, shampoo, conditioner, hair shine spray, roll on and spray perfume.


Collection 1 scent is a gorgeous orange coconut scent which is perfect for those that favour the sweeter scent.

Collection 2 scent is a beautiful, strong vanilla coconut, my favourite.

Collection 3 scent is that morning beach scent of sand and the ocean.



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