My Top Ten Canberran Instagrammers

So this is my personal list of some of my favourite Instagram accounts that I’ve discovered over the last few months.

All these ladies are Canberra based and I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some of them too.

I’ve decided to put this list together because they’re the accounts that not only mainly come up in my feed, but I actually love their accounts, their individuality and also their honesty with their posts, photos and words.

1. @tahlialangdown

a queen of selfies and pink hair, Tahlia lives life and isn’t afraid to show us every moment. As someone that doesn’t get the chance to go out much, I love seeing Tahlia out and about at various venues.

2. @katacser

quotes, travel, smiles and fun, Katherine takes us with her to share her exercise, travels, foods and lux life.

3. @lauren.lately

fashion, food, travel; Lauren’s Instagram is full of her fun life which is as bright as her smile and Lauren shows us some cute fashion too.

4. @wentworthavenue

a positive and active Ash takes us on her daily life journeys and shares her rawness and honesty. Being real and open with health and fitness, Ash is definitely a body-positive account you should be following.

5. @the_nameless_blog

a fresh and beautiful feed full of Steph’s activities, foods, daily life and favourite things. Steph always looks so happy and is constantly embracing life.

6. @the_womens_collective

a true professional with a fantastic business up her sleeve, the lovely Georgie not only takes the cutest photos but is always stepping up to support other women, their businesses and them as their selves.

7. @eviekay

as lovely in real life as on her page, Evie is a master of the gram and a talent all rolled into one. Not only is she an ambassador for health and wellness but Evie also runs a fashion Insta along with a yoga one, a definite triple threat.


from her beautiful photographs to her real and honest stories let Laura take you on her journey, from hairstyles, empties to her daily make up routines. A completely motivated and consistent Grammer, Laura is as lovely in person as on her feed.

9. @coventry_grey_

perfection in flat lays, Jade’s feed is something you’ll return to over and over, it’s fancy but not over the top and the lady’s genuine in her words.

10. @leerachel

filled with colours and spectacular style, Rachel is one of my favourites to peruse as her posting style and brightness of content shows her personality and vibe.

and new to the Canberra life:

11. Me, @simplynatalielaura

I’m Canberran-Cool too, yeah? I may be new to Canberra but I can be an honorary member of the Territory, right?

Again, this is not by any means THE list of Canberran Bloggers and Instagrammers but MY personal list of my social media favourites.

Who else should I follow on Instagram?


Natalie Laura


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