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Celery Juice

I’ve decided to start having celery juice each morning, along with, of course my pink drink. First think in the morning, as I’m getting ready for the day I’ve been sipping on the juice whilst I’m getting organised for work.

The reason I started the daily juice was due to reading about the health benefits and I’m always one for trying new nutritional foods and drinks, especially if the reason to intake them make sense and of course they taste good!


Celery juice is low calorie, as it’s basis is water but is also high in fibre. It contains vitamin C, iron and calcium. It can help improve heart health, circulation, is said to help prevent cancer and is amazing for the skin especially those suffering from eczema and acne. Celery Juice is great for detoxifying the body too, although I do dislike using the word ‘detox’ as it’s more providing the benefit of flushing the system and ridding the body of toxins. Celery can also help with boosting immunity and also aid in sleep.



Be aware that there are some side effects to celery juice that you need to be aware off, especially if you have kidney issues as the flushing of toxins from the body, going through the kidneys may cause extra stress on the body. It can also make the skin a bit more sensitive to sunlight and celery is actually a high allergenic so be sure you are not allergic or intolerant to celery.




I have the celery juice straight, about two cups and I add ice to it in a glass. If you’re a bit iffy about the taste I would try it without anything added to it first as it is surprisingly good, but you could always juice an apple or lemon with it for a bit more taste if you would prefer.



I use a juicer for my celery but if it’s not something you have then chopping the celery stalks up and using a blender is fine too, but you would then have to strain the juice through a cheese cloth or if easier for you just a regular Chux.


Head over to my Instagram to follow my Celery journey.


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