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Kitchen Garden

It was a stinking hot Australia Day last week but I thought I would head into Bunnings and have a look at their garden bed set up options. I ended up walking away with a whole bunch of stuff to set up my little vegetable garden.


One of the guys that I work with cultivates his own garden and sells his seedlings and fruits and veggies and he was kind enough to give me spaghetti squash and purple bean seedlings so I wanted to get them in the ground soon.


I bought a small garden bed which fits perfectly in our yard – we are in a rental with artificial grass so digging a plot isn’t an option.


I bought some herbs and some silver beet to add to my collection and was able to set up the  garden bed in literally five minutes, easy and no tools required. The lovely gardener at Bunnings was able to advise me on suitable potting mix for growing vegetables and manure for the plot, plus I also got some mushroom compost as his recommended.


I filled the planter and planted my seedlings and now we just have to await their growth.  I also picked up a garden stake for the purple beans as they can grow to six feet!

Do you have a kitchen garden? I love the idea of it, being able to grab the herbs and vegetables as we need them, currently we have only had basil and thyme growing so we haven’t had the best variety for plants to add to our meals, so fingers and toes crossed these new vegetables and herbs grow well and can provide for us.



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