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Healthy Body, Healthy Life

Most of you will know, whether you know me in person or just from seeing me on Instagram, that I was struggling with gut and stomach problems for a number of years, mainly after having my son eight years ago.

I have been vegetarian since I was twelve years old, and then after having my son I switched to vegan, hoping this was going to help with my stomach problems. Not only did I chose veganism for the health side, but also the animal cruelty side, which was my reason for vegetarianism when I was young too.

On and off I was struggling with having to visit the toilet after eating meals and snacks, anything and everything, it could be a random apple or even a homemade vegan lasagne. I was suffering bloating, gas, pain and weight gain, even though I wasn’t eating much and exercising seven days a week.

My clothes were all different sizes, depending on the bloat, I was always worrying about going out to eat with friends, and I was struggling to eat, wondering what the after effects would result in; pain, bloating, toilet visits.

Earlier this year I was given the change to try what’s called a Pink Drink.

Well. How do I put into words what happened about a week later.

No pain. No bloat. No toilet issues. Weight loss. Sound sleep. More energy.

I wasn’t sure who I was, I felt different, but the same, me yet better.

I must admit I was super super hesitant to try the drink to begin with, mainly due to the price, but I just bit the bullet, thought what do I have to lose. I am so glad I took that chance, this magical drink and the probiotics and cleanse I had also bought to team with this pink concoction was life changing. I wasn’t used to eating and then not feeling pain, I wasn’t used to having more energy, nor was I used to feeling lighter, seeing the weight drop off and seeing my skin and general health improve.

Now my daily health routine, besides eating well on a vegan diet, are three extra little steps each day.

I begin with a bottle of water, and a pink drink sachet, shake it up and enjoy its sweetness whilst I get ready for the day. This pink liquid is full of prebiotics which supports a  healthy glucose metabolism.   It also aides in blood sugar balance, so you can say goodbye to those afternoon crashes and tiredness. Don’t worry though, this is a plant based drink and there is no caffeine in its ingredients either! Chromium is also included in the pink drink which can help control your insulin function which allows your body to help build muscle and burn fat.

I also pop a Bio Cleanse – this is basically made of magnesium and vitamin c, it creates an alkaline environment in the bowel which means certain disease causing cells cannot survive. It wont, however work so quick that you need to be aware of the locations of toilets whilst taking it.

Before bed I take a Pro Bio 5 which is a probiotic, which helps with sleep, less sugar cravings, and is unlike any other probiotic, as it can break through the exoskeleton of the yeast in your gut. It has all the goodness the body needs in a probiotic but also the antifungal and enzymes to break down anything that’s making or keeping us unhealthy.

I would definitely recommend at least trying this three combo gut and health buster for a month, see how it changes your body and what aspects it improves and helps.

I’ve not found anything close to this combination to help my body, gut, sleep, energy and general health.

I’d love to take you on this health journey too.


Do you have gut issues? Pains? Stomach problems?

Are you interested in trying this triple combo gut buster yourself?


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