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Weekly Recap

I thought I would aim to write  weekly recap to keep you guys updates on my activities,  foodie favourites and life in general. As you know I moved to Canberra from Melbourne late last month and so I’ve been busy exploring my new city with my son Wee Man.

This week we joined the Library and borrowed a tonne of books for the school holidays.


On Monday it was a public holiday so we headed to Bunnings to purchase some herbs to go in little pots in our back garden. Wee Man chose Basil and Thyme and we also got a couple of flowers also.

Tuesday was pretty awesome for Wee Man as he got to make Slime at Canberra Outlet Centre which he absolutely loved, and was great for me too as it was free!

We also did a lot of cooking on Tuesday and roasted a huge batch of vegetables so we had then in abundance throughout the week, plus some cheese and bacon frittatas.

We got busy baking and cooking, not only to pass the time but to be stocked with food for when I return to work, and also to play with some recipes.

If you have read my previous post, if not check it out here you’ll know we made a trip to the National Arboretum and Wee Man took a Bonsai Workshop. Can not recommend this enough, was so great as it was hands on, great for some history and also teaches the kids respect and patience.

My new go to coffee (well hot chocolate place) is Coffee Guru and I’m adoring their amazing customer service and delicious hot chocolates!

I also lit my new Kmart candle which I highly recommend checking out and purchasing, it’s $6, looks amazing and smells fantastic!


Saturday we visited The Forage which was a food lovers paradise. It was a warm, almost hot day and the sun was out in force. The Forage is a gathering of food trucks and there’s everything from salad to dumplings to wine to ice cream.

The good thing was the variety of food on offer for many foodie limits.  I was able to find a yummy gluten free vegan crepe for lunch.

Wee Man enjoyed a fried chicken waffle cone from Fricken

Sunday, today I was most excited for as it was the Living Green Vegan Markets.

The markets were good but very small. I don’t know if it’s just me being used to things on a larger scale in Melbourne but it did feel like the Vegan Day Out  from a few years back that was in one small cramped hall.

I let Wee Man have a morning treat of S’mores Dumplings.


I was able to get what I wanted which was from Rainbow Nourishments and Veganarchy which of course was cake. I also bought a Pumpkin and Onion Tart slice and Spinach and Ricotta Empanada from Lily’s Vegan Kitchen.

I had a lovely raw vegetable nori wrap, green juice and raw fudge slice from Organic Energy. It was seriously the best lunch I have had in a long time. I’m looking forward to visiting their grocery store and café sometime soon.


Apologies for the terrible writing and wording, attempting this on three hours sleep so thanks for reading.


Natalie Laura


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