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3M Home Styling



I’ve been lucky enough to partner with 3M and showcase some of their wonderful new products.



Living in a rental property makes it hard to add permanent fixtures on walls, especially when we have an abundance of prints and photos and accessories to display and feature.

The Damage- Free Canvas Hanger was perfect for completing our lounge room. We were finally able to hang our much loved print up which was easy to use, removes quickly and cleanly and can holdup to 1.3kg.

We have also made use of the Damage- Free Spray Bottle Hangers, which have helped clear some space off our laundry room shelves. The handy housing hooks stick easily and firmly and hold our cleaning bottles up and out of the way, but are easily accessible for when we need to use them.

Our other favourite that we received is the Damage-Free Jewellery and Scarf Hanger. It is perfectly cute and classy and suits our bedroom décor perfectly.  We have put it in our ensuite for easy and quick access for removing necklaces before showering and to keep them handy right near our mirror when getting ready each day.

I have a few more products to showcase but I’m loving all my options so far.

It’s been wonderful being able to finally hang artwork and photos and also be able to have some practical and space-saving hooks in the laundry and bathroom.

Check out the huge range of products available and were to purchase for your home, office or work space here.


Some questions for you:

Do you live in a rental property, and have you made use of 3M Command strips?

What do you have hanging in your home? Prints? Photos? Artwork?




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