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Aranda Forest Walk

Friday was a gorgeous day, the sun was out but it was a very chilly twelve degrees. My colleague Abby and I met up (with her new dog Muddy) and planned to walk Mount Painter, but due to a wrong turn we ended up doing the Aranda Forest trail.

Image courtesy of Friends of Aranda Bushland

It was definitely a work out, I did struggle up some of the hills, and my butt and thighs are feeling it today but it was well worth it, not just for the exercise bit for the scenery.

If we could have gone further we would have made it up toward the Telstra Tower but it was a no go zone for dogs so we turned back and head to the car.

We saw multitudes of kangaroos along the way which Muddy was eager to befriend but could only whimper at them from afar.

I’m hoping I can continue to go for short hikes on a Friday when I’m off work and explore more of the beauty of Canberra.

What’s your favourite hike around canberra?


Natalie Laura


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