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Let’s Chat Small – Juicy Bod

Since moving to Canberra I’ve been much more aware of supporting local business and shopping local. I think with Canberra being so much smaller than Melbourne, everything being close and literally a stone’s throw away (although don’t ask a Canberran that, they’ll ask you to wait whilst they pack a lunch to drive down to the supermarket). I’ve decided to put together a little series of mini interviews, which I’m going to call Let’s Chat Small, focusing on local small businesses and their owners.

Juicy Bod Rose and Geranium Body Oil photography via anisa.sabet on Instagram

Juicy Bod

One of the businesses I’ve had the pleasure of buying from and following the journey of is the beautiful range from the brand Juicy Bod.

The Rose and Geranium Body Oil is just beautiful, not only in its ingredients but it’s presentation. Infused with rose quartz this bottle of beauty is ideal as we come into the midst of winter and need to nourish, care for and moisturise our skin.

The Sweet Orange and Vanilla halite crystal body scrub is perfect. Not only is it beautiful to use but it’s beautiful to look at too, especially the delicate sprinkle of calendula flowers throughout.

I recently had the pleasure of being able to have a chat with the creator of Juicy Bod Juliana, who was lovely enough to answer some of my small business questions.

I’m Juliana, the owner and founder of all natural, vegan, handcrafted, oil-based skincare company Juicy Bod.

What is your business named and why?

I named my business Juicy Bod because who doesn’t want a hydrated Juicy Bod. I love the name Juicy because it highlights what my products really do- to make every ‘bod’ nourished, hydrated, glowing and delicious.

Why did you begin, what was your motivation and inspiration?

I began Juicy Bod because I live in Canberra (very cold and dry) and for as long as I can remember, my skin was always dry and I could never figure out why. One day after a bit of research into skincare and oils, I purchased a bunch of oils from my local supermarket and mixed them together, along with some of my favourite essential oils, put them on my skin and voila! I had juicy hydrated skin fir the first time ever. That’s why I began this business because I thought if I had the same issue with dry skin, then surely others did?

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In five years I see my business having a huge range of different products, located in a whole bunch of stores nationally and even commence shipping internationally.

What role do you think your business plays in our current society?

Juicy Bod is being able to provide a product that is ergonomic and provides a sustainable lifestyle by using all natural products with definitely no nasties.

What’s your favourite out of your creations?

My favourite is the Rose and Geranium body oil because it is so versatile! It an be used as hair oil/de-tangler, face primer, cuticle oil, heel moisturiser, perfume, bath oil, make up remover, massage oil and body moisturiser.

How long does one batch of product take to create?

To make one rose and geranium body oil, complete from mixing the oils to packaging it would take approximately ten minutes.

What advice do you have for those wanting to begin their own creative small business?

My advice is to just start. Get creative, talk to other business owners, take baby steps and make small goals, do your research and just launch. What’s the worst that could happen?

Give your business a plug, make it an over the top good one!!

Juicy Body is made with lots of love and hopes to make the whole world juicy from the inside and out. Juicy Bod is available online and via Instagram.

Photography by Anisa Sabet via Instagram and used with permission from Juicy Bod.


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