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Blogmas- Self Care This Christmas

Self care is a very important topic, and it goes beyond a bath bomb and beyond a good night’s sleep. Looking after yourself can be broken down into, what I think, are important sub topics-

Rest, how often do we actually rest and relax? Take an hour or two or three to actually rest our body and mind? Sleep, nap, lay down, off of our feet and relax deep into that coma of sleep. No buzzing of the television, no light of our phone; pure deep sleep.

Time Out, this is an important one, because there are stages when we need to have a time out and actually check out of our life and spend a bit of time doing nothing, and not feeling like we must do something. Whether we take a time out by going for a walk, resting, going for a coffee or to just sit outside in the sun a time out is important too.

Healthy Living, is both what’s going into you body and also what activities you’re doing to keep your self active and also what products you are using on your skin. Foods that are wholesome, non processed, natural and colourful are important and integral in our diets, helping our body’s perform at their peak. Keeping your body fuelled with the right kinds of foods then help’s keeping your body healthy, fit and active. Walking is the simplest and easiest form of exercise and is easy to fit into your daily schedule. Skincare is just as important, not just what you might be using on your face but what shampoos and washing liquids you may also be using, chemicals in the home can affect us health-wise too.

Fun, is so important too, doing what you love, enjoying it and wanting to continue the pleasurable feelings of laughter and happiness is a priority, which it rarely is for most people. Making sure you are making sure you do have times where you are doing things that make you happy should be on your list, it shouldn’t even be on a list actually, it should be something you are doing on a daily basis and not adding it as a dot point on a checklist. Nurture a garden, write, sing, draw: do something that you love.

Hopefully, if you are not already incorporating self care as a daily normality, I hope you will consider making the effort in the new year and keeping yourself as a top priority.

During this festive season try not to become overwhelmed with the business of this time of year and keep in mind these steps to helping with the stress of the holidays.

Plan Ahead

Eat Well

Self Care

Adapt a Morning Routine

Limit Social Media

Do Not Feel Obliged


You are of most important, never feel obliged to be somewhere or go somewhere you aren’t comfortable being or if you know it’s not good for your whole self.


Stay smiling!


Natalie Laura




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