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Blogmas- Au Lac Vegan Cuisine

The most amazing, delicious place to eat here in Canberra that is not only vegan, but gluten free is Au Lac. This place is Heaven.


The legendary Au Lac is considered the ancestral kingdom of the Vietnamese people. It existed in the third century BC with its  capital at Co Loa, about 35 km north of present-day Hanoi. For Buddhists, Au Lac is a peaceful and treasured place. 

We have always been committed to preparing the freshest food ever since we first opened our doors in 2000. We are determined to keep this commitment rolling. At Au Lac, it’s all about fresh, quality and healthy vegetarian food. We take great care in our food preparation processes. We don’t cut corners or settle for any less than the best authentic taste. 

Our fresh produce is purchased fresh daily from the local markets; along with our carefully select imported ingredients to ensure the exceptional quality. Combined with our special and exclusive homemade sauces, Au Lac promise to deliver the most satisfying and unique dining experience.


I could eat here every night for dinner, easily. The food is affordable, yummy and there are so many options. There is a massive menu of all your different vegan options, some with and some without vegan meats plus there is an entire gluten free vegan menu, and not going to lie but I did let out a verbal squeal when I realised it was TWO WHOLE PAGES.

I had a lovely dinner with colleagues at my first visit and I had already planned my order, an entree and two mains, potentially a dessert and then order take out for the next day. It all eventuated, except for the latter two options, although I have gone and collected take out a handful of times since, and now that Au Lac is using EASI for their delivery service my colleague and I have eaten the bowls of goodness once so far, with many future orders on the cards.

My favourite selections from their gluten free menu is the entree of Cold Rolls and a main of the Royal Noodle Soup. I have tried the vegan mock duck and chicken, which is so good but not good for me belly but I found just a few small pieces didn’t affect me too much.

Au Lac is located in Dickson and Woden, Canberra.



Natalie Laura


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