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Blogmas- Festive Season Health

It’s hard to stay that bit healthier over the festive season, especially when we have the abundance of sugar over the Halloween season and then Christmas hits and there are even more excuses to have that bit of cake, a chocolate, candy cane or miss our planned routine of exercising because there’s an event on.

There is an easy way of having cake and enjoying eating it without the guilt, there’s also a way of avoiding that extra sugar by not even being tempted by it.

If you crave sugar or carbs I would get yourself onto the Plexus Pink Drink, filled with natural supplements and will help stabilise your blood sugar, lose any pesky weight, give you sustained energy and feeds essential areas of the body plus it’s perfect for this tie of the year- less cravings! why less cravings? because your body is in balance, it’s helps to regulate your glucose absorption, manages cholesterol and effectively prevents those blood sugar spikes where you’re wanting that sugar or carb fix.

Are you planning to again lose weight for the new year? Is it a resolution or has it now become a decision, you MUST do it, and you NEED to do it? Let’s talk gut health, I’ll make it brief and in point form, because gut heath can be the cause or more than you think!

An imbalance in the gut can cause anything from

  • weight gain
  • weight loss
  • chronic illness
  • depression (yep 90% of those hormones are in the gut!)
  • fibromyalgia
  • aches and pains
  • pimples/acne
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • lack of focus
  • bloating
  • poor milk production in new mothers
  • stress
  • lack of energy
  • insomnia
  • & much more

Candida can spread in the gut and are fed by such things as stress, antibiotics, birth control, artificial ingredients, exposure to chemicals and these are just to name a few.


Before I go any further, these products are not a cover up, a band aid, fad or quick fix. These products are plant based, chemical free, clinically tested, non-gmo and additive free supplements. Gut health can be the root of a lot of problems and we are only realising this now. These products are not just about weight loss (or weight gain if that’s what you need) but it’s about balancing the body so you can live at your best and feel your best.

One important thing you need to remember is that you didn’t become sick, ill or unwell overnight, it was a progression and now you’re choosing to do something about it. So don’t expect our body to begin to heal in a matter of days or weeks, it will take time and you need to be dedicated to wanting and needing to be feeling your best.

I have been taking the Plexus TriPlex for coming up two years now and it has honestly been the best decision I have made, I no longer suffer from bloating, sleep issues, energy or gut pains and problems. I poop as a normal person would and it’s pretty darn good (being normal I mean not the poop)!

A standard routine for my day begins with the Pink Drink, usually with some ice, in the car on the way to work or if I’m starting late I sip it as I get ready for the day. I also down a Vital Cleanse capsule which promotes gentle cleansing of the bowl then before bed I take a ProBio Fit which contains probiotics and botanicals to support a good digestive health and gastrointestinal health.


You’re probably thinking okay so halfway through reading this I checked out the website coz what you’re saying is making sense to me, but I can’t really afford that, plus I don’t think I do need supplements in my diet, I just need to eat better.


But let’s look at the supplement side of things, food has changed. The production of foods is now different, less manual labour and more machines: crops are being grown focusing on their shelf life and not their nutritional value. You need to eat more of foods these days to get the same amount of nutrition from them as you did 20 years ago. Supplements assist in putting into your body what may be missing or topping up what your body needs more of.

Let’s talk about price now, before I go anywhere with cost lets look at what you’re buying- coffees, take out, non essential extras such as clothing, make up, skin care.     Now lets look at the cost of these supplements: under $5 a day for the pink drink and under $7 a day for the TriPlex. Plus lets look at it this way; these product are providing health benefits for your body, so why would cost be such a concern? One way I like to look at the products is how often have I been to the doctor? How many colds have I had, when was the last time I was sick? I honestly don’t remember. I’d rather take these supplements, save money on the doctor and medications and feel satiated with my health and wellness.


Don’t overthink things, if you don’t love the outcome then you’ll get your money back, no issues, no questions asked.

Shop the Pink Drink, TriPlex and many other healthy products, including meal replacement shakes here.


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