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The Vegan Box – September

I know every time I write about The Vegan Box it’s the best one and I adore and love it, but I honestly think this current Vegan Box take the cake, takes the gluten free vegan cake.


Not only is it jam-packed with amazing yumminess but it has two of my favourite brands inside- VEGO and Raw Integrity Chocolates.

September’s Vegan Box is literally stuffed with goodness, to the point that isn’t wasn’t sealed and the little sides of the packets and wrappers were bursting through. One thing I don’t think I have mentioned about The Vegan Box, is that when you received it the items are full size, nothing is sample size, or little versions of products, it isn’t filled with samples. Everything you find in your monthly delivery is full as you would buy in the store size. And that is one thing I like about the Vegan Box, I’m getting so much value for money it’s ridiculous and I get to fill my belly with beautiful, cruelty free goodies.

Now last month I made the mistake of opening the box, and leaving it opened for a couple of days before writing my blog piece, big mistake because I ate, as in completely ate one of the items before I could write much about it. So this time I’m getting everything down in front of me and in this blog before I touch too much of the goodies. Although I write this with a mouthful of banana chips, because really who can say no to banana chips that are a hickory barbecue flavour?

So we begin with Bundy’s Protein Bites, these are Aussie made and owned and are a choc chip cookie dough flavour, and cookie dough is always an acceptable taste so it gets a big tick from me!

The Temole Almond Chips in Barbeque flavour are pretty good and I knew they would be as I have eaten a packet in the past, although I can’t recall the flavour but I remember making a mental note to grab more next time I spot them.

As mentioned earlier Raw Integrity Chocolates is part of the September collection and I have been a fan of this lady and her creations for a while now. Thankfully I opened up to find I have the Peppermint block which is actually my favourite flavour although I do think I equally love the strawberry version too. Plus 10% of profits go to charity which is just such a beautiful action.

The white Almond Bliss VEGO bar is featured inside too and if you’ve ever had the original VEGO bar or spread you’ll know what I’m talking about with this bar, they can’t do wrong. Creamy, delicious.

The Kitz bar is coconut dream cranberry, and well well well, new addiction. I love coconut and I love cranberry and this bar is made out of literally four ingredients, that’s it. I will definitely be looking into getting more of these bars.

So lastly lets talk about the Banana Joe Banana Chips, the ones I began munching on at the beginning of writing this, and am happy to say I’ve had some self control and closed the pack, it’s resealable thankfully. I’d buy these again for sure and I do like the fact they are a super super thin sliced banana as I’m not a huge lover of the chunky thick banana chips.

If you need vegan food ideas, snack ideas, looking to discover new brands, tastes and flavours then you need to get on board and get your monthly subscription!

This has by far been my favourite Vegan Box and I do hope I’ve enticed you enough to sign yourself up for the next Vegan Box or even gift one to a friend or family member.


Natalie Laura



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