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The Vegan Box – August

It’s The Vegan Box time! I must admit, finding my Sendle packaged vegan box on my front doorstep is probably the highlight each month. I love tearing open the packaging, which is biodegradable, and opening up the vegan box to see what delicious treasures will fill my tummy this month.

I was very happy to see another pack of Nudus chips, these ones were apple chips which I’m looking forward to enjoying as I’ve has apple chips in the past and I have really enjoyed them.

The box also included some Ceres Organics seaweed snacks, which I will never turn down as they are such a  light flavourful food that they’re always handy to have read when ‘ on the go.

The pouch of Super Fugio caramel was a surprise, mainly as I’ve only seen chocolate ones so this was a good surprise, especially as it’s basically just a treat of liquid sugar, but caramel flavoured.

I am curious about the Beanopini lupini beans as I’ve never seen this brand nor packaging before but being vegan beans tend to be a staple in my diet so they will come in useful.

I’m torn about opening the honeycomb from the Candy Artisans as I know it will need to be eaten in its entirety and that will be something I’ll need to do early morning so I at least have the day to burn off all those calories! Edited to add, I opened the Honeycomb and now there’s none left to photograph.

There is also A Bit Hippy vegan toothpaste included in the August vegan box which I’m really looking forward to using. I’ve used a natural toothpaste before which was back in the day from the body shop and I recall that being very much an acquired taste so we will see how we go with this tube.




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