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Life Planning with Erin Condren

I thought I would share some really good deals on offer from Erin Condren at the moment.


There’s a super good deal which includes FREE SHIPPING for orders over $75 . It’s so easy to spend well over this amount too, especially when you see all the offers and ideas and stationary. Hell why not grab some artwork for your office or room whilst you’re at it!

Also select planners include a FREE set of six markers, which is perfect for beginning your stationary collection. And when I say beginning, I mean beginning; there’s such an array of items that you’ll fall in love with about 99% of things and then do the whole remove from cart/add to cart. Trust me, it will happen.


If you’re new to the Erin Condren game you can read some of my blog posts here and here. What do I love most about the organisation behind EC planners? The fact that the range of styles and the planners on offer MAKE me want to be that bit more organised, it makes me want to embrace the use of my planner on a daily basis and I love using it. IT’s been perfect for mainly planning my blogging and for being there when I have notes and ideas that I want to write down. Especially when I am trying to avoid the overuse of my phone.



What’s on your Erin Condren wish list?





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