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Ulla Smart Hydration

Coming into summer, with the heat and humidity, keeping hydrated needs to be priority. I know I struggle to get enough water, I get busy, drink other liquids and end up parched by the end  of the day.  Most people mistake thirst for hunger too, which doesn’t help with weight gain, or the summer months when it’s almost too hot to move.

Ulla- Smart Hydration Coach is going to be your new best friend. A cute little device that can be strapped to almost any drinking aid, which will help you become more aware of keeping and staying hydrated. The Ulla is attached to your bottle or glass with a silicone strap which fits snuggly and stays well in place.

Ulla contains a smart sensor which monitors when you have had a drink and also reminds you that you need a drink. Hey, hey, hey, I’m not talking alcohol, I’m talking water!

The sensor in your Ulla will recognise when you have had a sip and will flash again when it’s time to take another, ensuring you keep your water intake up and also helping you to drink more water and reach your eight glasses a day. Drinking more water is so beneficial. It’s great for the skin, hair, your mood, sleep and general wellbeing.

One of the best features of this little gadget is that you don’t need to charge it, connect it to a phone or even turn it on or off. It recognises when you enter and leave a room with its sensor, therefore turning itself off. The battery is easily replaceable and lasts about 6 months.

Best of all there are gorgeous colour option for your Ulla too. Flamingo Pink, Coral Green, Lagoon Blue, Lily Purple, Lotus White and Jet Black.

Get drinking!





1 thought on “Ulla Smart Hydration”

  1. Oh my god this is brilliant!!! I need to get one. It’s such a handy idea. I’m great with drinking water, but I would love this for when I get busy because sometimes I get sidetracked. Jackie – Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins


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