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Rodan + Fields- Unblemish

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Kelly through Instagram about trying some new skin care products from Rodan and Fields launching in Australia this Spring. I had heard of Proactiv and knew the name and so was curious about their next endeavour.

Kelly asked me to use the Skin Solution Tool which involved a few questions about the health of my skin and it resulted in the suggestion of using Unblemish.

Unblemish is a four step EASY skincare routine and within only a couple of days of use I already had a couple of comments on my skin looking clear. No one says I have clear skin, they say I look younger than I am but I know I don’t have the greatest skin. I have a few pesky pimples, some scars and uneven skin tone.

The process was a little daunting, only because I’m not the greatest with looking after my skin, hence the breakouts. I began with deciding what is going to make this easy and quick, so it didn’t seem like a daily chore.

I began by using the Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash on my face in the shower, which I left on for about 60 seconds. Once out and my face was dry I used the Clarifying Toner. After my teeth were brushed, giving the toner time to dry, two pumps each of the Duel Intensive Acne Treatment I was almost good to go. Once dressed and ready to head out the door a quick smear of the Oil Control Lotion, which contains sunscreen and hey presto I’m done.

I’ve also used makeup over the top  of this routine, waiting at least 30 minutes before application, and it sits fine over Unblemish.

As you can see, the redness in my face has settled and the pimples around my jawline have lessened and have started to fade.

I’m looking forward to the release of Rodan + Fields, Australia and with the range of skin care such as Reverse, Redefine and Smooth ( take a peek here) there’s an option for all skin types.

What’s your skin issue that annoys you the most?


4 thoughts on “Rodan + Fields- Unblemish”

  1. My skin is the most tempermental EVER. Usually blemishes are the biggest problem for me, I’be been wanting to try this for a while so I think you’ve encouraged me to actually get to it x


  2. Definitely try it Alix. I love that it’s so simple. My skin is all over the place (could be coz ima gettin’ old) with pimples and oil and redness. I’m honestly impressed with the speed of the results!


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