simply natalie laura


I love scrubs.

I love anything that’s gritty & makes promises of smooth skin & clear pores.
Skrub is this.
Skrub is gorgeously scented. Like you’re in your own day spa, if only for a brief moment. Trust me, with Skrub it’s a good moment.

I was lucky enough to be gifted with a lavender body scrub which has real pieces of the purple blooms in it.

The mix of steam and hot water from the shower, combined with the salty lavender scrub is bliss. My skin felt soft, supple and clean. 

Skrub is made wth coconut oil too, it’s perfect for moisturising the skin whilst exfoliating with the salt.

Skrub is made in Melbourne, by a Girl Boss.

The products are natural, handmade and local.

Skrub has a huge array of body scrubs including salt and coffee scrubs, clay masques and argan oils.

Shop Skrub here.


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