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Aroma Angel Soy Candles

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I’ve always loved the romance of having a candle lit, watching its light dance and flicker. There’s something incredibly magical about candlelight, it reminds me of dark stormy nights, fantasy books, magic and also comfort and warmth.

I have cupboards littered with candles, different shapes, sizes, colours and scents. I’ve never owned a soy candle before, nor have I ever owned a candle that’s scent lasts days after it’s been burned, without it being re-lit.

I discovered Aroma Angel a few months ago and to be honest they will always be my candle of choice.  Made here in Melbourne, the variety of scents are vast, and delicious. My favourites are the Soy Travel Tin in Lavender & Vanilla and the Coconut & Lime Diffuser.  I can walk into a room, days after burning my candle and still enjoy the soft smell of vanilla.

Great too is knowing that there are no chemicals in the soy wax, so breathing in deeply, enjoying the scents and knowing they are eco friendly and completely biodegradable is comforting.

Because I want YOU to try these candles out and actually experience these beautiful creations, I’ve teamed up with Aroma Angel to giveaway a set of four Soy Candle Travel Tins.

  • Lavender & Vanilla – my favourite
  • Marshmallow
  • Coconut Lime
  • Fresh Coffee
These are all gorgeous scents, hand-poured and locally made soy candles.
For Giveaway details click here and follow the instructions to win* a beautiful, sensory filled gift pack from Aroma Angels and Simply Natalie Laura.
*Australian residents only



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