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Natural Deodorants

It’s easy to be consumed with all the natural and chemical free deodorants available. There’s always a new easy to use, keep you dry all day, vegan, aluminium-free deodorant being touted made with natural, find in your back garden ingredients.

I’ve decided to try some of the deodorants I’ve been hoarding and meaning to test and I’ve rated my top four in order of worst performer to the best; over a numbers of weeks’ use of all.

I’ve based my choices on ease of use, scent, protection and overall performance. The days the deodorants were used I applied the deodorant after showering at night, and then again in the morning.  I’m pretty lazy so I can’t comment on how these perform during exercise sessions.

Number Four

WooHoo Body – all natural deodorant paste

I would have liked to use this for longer than I did but I couldn’t actually use the paste. It was too solid, even the little scoop that comes with it was no good to use and it was even too hard to scoop out with my finger. I did try and leave the pot open in the bathroom whilst I showered, hoping the heat would help soften it but no such luck. I struggled to use this for a week and wouldn’t try it again.


Number Three


A Bit Hippy – natural cream deodorant

I’ve used this brand in the past and have had success in its use. but I found this one to smell a bit too much like musk sticks, you know those long pink sticks you could buy from the school tuck shop? All I could associate with this deodorant was musk sticks which put me off using it as I can’t really stomach the scent. Protection wise it’s a really good deodorant, and although not an antiperspirant kept me smelling good…like musk sticks…


Number Two

Kind-ly – 100% natural deodorant

I loved using this deodorant, it works so well and I’d gladly purchase again. The scent is coconut and vanilla and I highly recommend giving it a go, as it smells amazing. The only issue I had and it wasn’t a huge issue due to my skin colour, but it does come out brown. Yes. Brown. So it’s not something you’d want to use wearing a singlet or where your arm pits are exposed if you have a lighter skin tone.

*Kind-ly have contacted me regarding their brown colour in their deodorant which has now been reformulated.


Number One


Cedar & Sage Organics– deodorant paste

Loved. Loved. Loved. LOVED.

I will buy this again and again. This was a random purchase one day from a local Canberra market and I do not regret it. This paste is soft to the touch, and easy to scoop out of the tin, it’s easy to smooth onto the skin and there’s not effort required rubbing it into your arm pit. This pot of gold from Cedar & Sage Organics protects all day, smells incredible and above all works.



Natalie Laura


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