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Skin Physics – Dragon’s Blood

Oh I do love a good night cream and this has been a perfect addition to my night routine.

I’ve heard of Skin Physics over the years but I’ve never actually used any of their range before. I am pretty darned impressed. This beautiful creamy jar of goodness is beautiful and light on the skin. It’s easy to use and is applied before bed to clean skin, and then rinsed off in the morning. Super simple, super easy and wonderful results.


After using Skin Physics Dragon’s Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream this for a week I found my skin feels well nourished, clear and firm. If you haven’t heard of dragon’s blood before, it’s actually a sap from a tree in the amazon, I actually use it in my candle making, and it’s an ancient product used for healing, dye and in ancient magic.

This best seller can be purchased from Priceline and is perfect for those of you that don’t like complicated skincare or anything where you have to do more than wash your face. Apply before bed, rinse off in the morning! Easy peasy and super quick results. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, perfect for the skin, penetrating within to plump-out wrinkles and smooth fine lines.


This is definitely beauty sleep in a jar!


Natalie Laura



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