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Hask Haircare

With the limits on being able to go out an about, and good news, those restrictions are slowly lifting, simple things that we take for granted like visiting the hairdresser have been put on hold!

I myself, rarely visit the hairdresser, I maybe go once every three or so years. Why, you ask. What the hell, you exclaim. But yep, I never really go to the hairdresser, mainly because box dye is simple and easy to use, as are a pair of scissors and there are plenty of hair care products such as masks readily available.


I was lucky enough to receive three hair care packs from Hask which I was super excited for because I have used their hair care products in the past and have really loved their results. Plus Hask products are cruelty free! Yay!

My gift included Hask Argan Oil repairing conditioner, Hask Keratin Protein smoothing deep conditioner and Hask Charcoal purifying deep conditioner.



So a quick back story on my hair, it is wavy, like wavy, not a little bit of volume with a few kinks here and there but big, ripply and full of, as we used to say in high school, a lot of air in my hair. Therefore my hair gets tangled and knotty instantly, even a few minutes after it’s brushed. So I always need a decent conditioner and hair mask to keep in manageable and lookin’ damn fine.

The really goof thin about the Hask brand is that it is readily available at your local Priceline and it’s affordable. Now there isn’t just hair masks in the Hask range but hair oils, dry shampoos, shampoos and conditioners.

The Hask range of products are perfect if you have hair that is always in need of decent, deep treatments, especially if you colour your hair and also if, like me, you have hard to tame hair and need something smoothing and conditioning.

And a little trivia for you, did you know Hask hair care products have been used by stylists for actors and actresses featured in Pitch Perfect, Sabrina, 911, Ru Paul’s Drag Race and The Good Place, just to name a few!

The masks are really easy to use, applying to wet hair and leaving on for ten or so minutes, so it’s a really quick and easy treatment, especially if you also pop on a face mask at the same time and have a quick beauty treatment.

Depending on the length of your hair, I tend to get two treatments per sachet and I tend to do a hair treatment once a fortnight to keep my hair maintained and nourished.

Have you used Hask hair care before?

Let me know in the comments your favourite product.

Happy Saturday!



Natalie Laura


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