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Matisse and Picasso

The National Gallery of Australia always has so many wonderful exhibitions. And I am really glad that I am living in Canberra now as I always used to be frustrated by the advertisements on television in Melbourne about exhibits at the gallery in Canberra. At least I can now go whenever I want and see some awesome artwork.


It was a wonderful to attend the Matisse and Picasso exhibit and great to see all the paintings that were part of my high school studies; it was pretty spectacular to see it all in the flesh. There were amazing masterpieces and collections from around the world and lots of information about the rivalry between the two artists.


The exhibit is on until April 13th 2020 and tickets begin at $28 for adults and are available online.



Do you like to visit art galleries?

I hope you get toi visit the Matisse and Picasso event before it finishes. Let me know if you do get to visit the gallery and see the beautiful artworks.


Natalie Laura


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